The Hippodrome State Theatre

22-23 Season

The Hippodrome Theatre is holding live non-union auditions for

New Works Festival, A Christmas Carol, and Native Gardens

Show and character descriptions are below:

Gainesville, FL   SPT. 
Artistic Director: Stephanie Lynge 

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.

September 12 & 13, 2 pm – 6 pm

Hippodrome State Theatre
25 SE 2nd Place
Gainesville, FL 32601

Actors auditioning must be able to drive to Gainesville FL
Housing and milage provided
Local hires encouraged

Material and Guidelines

For Native Gardens and New Works Festival: please prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue

For A Christmas Carol: a classical monologue (1 minute) with British dialect and sing 1 verse and chorus of a song (Christmas Carols welcome!)

Please bring a headshot and resume and fill out audition forms upon arrival


Please bring a headshot and resume

Please fill out audition forms upon arrival

For AEA actors, please email your audition video to no later than noon on September 13th

The Hippodrome Theatre’s Third Annual New Works Festival: Florida Voices

Development, rehearsals, and performances will run from October 31 – Nov 5, 2022.

The Ultimate Cheeseburger – Jena Rashid

It’s all talk about team and company spirit at Chicken & Roots, Co., until one employee is pushed too far.

  • ANNETTE BARRING: 22F, Cashier, Southeast Asian. She’s booksmart and knows that she does a good job, but not in an arrogant way.
  • ROBIN “ROB” PAK: 26M/F/NB, Cashier, Asian. Has greater aspirations in life but, like many, became stuck in the never ending roadblocks of minimum wage jobs.
  • STUART PARSONS / RICHARD “RICK” SEGEL:40-50’s M, General Manager and Owner,Caucasian. Think of every owner/boss of the place you worked when you were in college and highschool. / 20’s-30’s M, Lena’s mentee in training to become a detective. Goofy and honest and really wants to do well but has a lot to learn
  • ALLEN MENTEUR: 30’s-40’s M, Assistant Manager, Any race. The “cool” boss, you know the one.
  • WENDY / LENA / ERIN: 30’s F, District Manager. Sold her soul to the company and now gets paid to sell other people’s souls to the company. Also plays Erin and Lena: 30’s-40’s F, Lead FBI Detective, African-American. Straight-shooter and good at her job.

Evie & Loren – Bethany Dickens Assaf
A Tinder date reveals a complicated relationship as Evie and Loren embark on a journey that may not be smooth sailing. 

  • Evie, F, 40s, any ethnicity

  • Loren, M, 20-30s, any ethnicity

Spring at the Willowbrook Inn – Johnathan Van Dyke
Cooper Stanwyk and Joshua Hill, and unlikely pair, reconnect over the decades and try to balance love, sadness and regret

  • Joshua Hill: Male, any ethnicity. A sensitive and sweet writer who begins to grow confidence due to his friendship with Cooper. He is an intellectual that throws himself into work to avoid dealing with his circumstances.

  • Cooper Stanwyk: Male, any ethnicity. A handsome, confident, but caring golden boy who seems to always succeed. Spontaneous in nature, his friendship with Joshua brings him something he has never experienced. Cooper goes through a wide range of life’s milestones and is greatly affected by these moments.

Suture Bowl – Irene L. Pynn
Top surgeons face off in the final episode of the highest rated reality series ever, battling it out in a gameshow with higher stakes than they ever imagined. 

  • Vesa: Female, 30-40s, any ethnicity
  • Parré: Male, 20-40s, any ethnicity
  • Mr. Hipp/Sepsis: Both are male, 20-50s, any ethnicity
  • P.A./Lister: Male, 20s, any ethnicity 

A Christmas Carol

Adapted by Niall McGinty from Charles Dickens

Director: TBA   1st rehearsal: November 11, 2022  Run: November 26-December 23, 2022

  • Mr. Fezziwig, Topper, and more: 1 male identifying actor, 20s-60s, any ethnicity to play multiple roles

  • Mrs. Cratchit, Belle, and more: 1 female identifying actor, 20s-30s, any ethnicity to play multiple roles

Native Gardens

by Karen Zacarías

Director: Kristin Clippard      1st rehearsal: February 17, 2023       Run: March 10-26 (previews March 8-9) with possible extension to April 2, 2023

Paid Roles

Roles: Looking for 2-4 actors of any age, gender, or ethnicity – playing Surveyor, Landscapers, and Building Inspector. These are silent roles that create the theatrical transitions between the scenes and are witnesses and energetic transformers of both the play and the situation.