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The Hipp Art Gallery offers artists a beautiful space to showcase their talent, often engaging with the themes of the current mainstage production.

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Current and Upcoming Exhibits

Michael Ferret’s art is motivated by the potential to project the human psyche onto a two-dimensional surface. The human experience is unpredictable, beautiful, horrifying, and everything in between. Michael is fascinated by those experiences that lie in the extremes, the ones which shape individuals the most. There is a great amount of knowledge to be gained when we sit with certain physical and emotional experiences and look deeply into their nuances. That is what his work attempts to do. When words need visual descriptors, Michael paints these psychological states with the intention of not only communicating an experience to the viewer but better understanding it for himself. He does this typically through the exploration of the figure, its relationship to their environment, an emotive color palette, and other manipulations of surface and material. If he can capture something that feels raw and unequivocally human, then he has depicted something universal and timeless. He finds that very powerful and forever valuable.

Michael Ferret’s work will be on display starting May 27, 2022, at the Hippodrome Gallery

The Hippodrome Theatre Art Gallery invites individuals or collaborators to submit proposals for solo or small group exhibitions during select dates throughout 2022. Proposals may be for existing or new work. Exhibitions average 4-6 weeks and include a public reception.

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Art at the Hippodrome

The Art Gallery can also be rented for private functions.