Alternate Access Theatre: Sensory Friendly Performances

Alternate Access Theatre:

Sensory Friendly Performances - Pilot Project

The Hippodrome is proud to launch a Sensory Friendly performance of Next To Normal that is designed to be welcoming to individuals with various sensory needs, such as those on the autism spectrum or those who identify as neurodivergent.

What does this mean?

  • The mainstage production will be professionally adapted for our first-floor stage in the Hipp Cinema
  • Modifications to the production will be made including adjustments to sound and lighting, creating an environment that is comfortable for all attendees.
  • The layout also permits for more freedom in entering and exiting the space.
  • A team of dedicated staff and actors who have undergone specialized training to accommodate the diverse needs of our patrons
  • So every individual feels at ease and can fully enjoy the theatrical experience.

This innovative approach to theater not only promotes inclusivity but also contributes to building a community where everyone can share in the joy of the performing arts. Join us for an unforgettable evening where the magic of theater comes alive in a safe, non-judgmental, and enriching environment for all.

Content Advisory: 16+/Mature
Content includes difficult themes such as mental illness, grief, and self-destructive behavior interspersed with bouts of humor.. Potential triggers include drug use, self harm, blood, and suicidal thoughts/actions. Other mature content includes some strong language and sexual references.

Next to Normal

Book and Lyrics by Brian Yorkey and Music by Tom Kitt

Alternate Access Theatre February 24-25

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride with “Next to Normal”, the groundbreaking Tony Award-winning musical that explores the highs and lows of a modern-day family struggling with mental illness. With an electrifying rock score and heart-wrenching lyrics, this Tony Award-winning show will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. 

Alternate Access Theatre: Sensory Friendly Performance:
“Next to Normal” will be presented as a staged concert-style show.

Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 8 p.m. – Tickets HERE

Please contact our Box Office to make a reservation. (352) 375-4477 or

Show times:
Act 1: 65 minutes
15 Minute Intermission
Act 2: 55 minutes

What to Know Before the Show!

Ticket Information:

  • Tickets for the upcoming performance can be conveniently purchased online, via phone at 352-375-4477, or in person at our box office window.
  • Your tickets will be available for pickup at the will call desk, conveniently located on the left as you enter through our main door. Kindly provide the ticket attendant with your last name or the purchaser’s name for smooth retrieval.

Playbill and Program:

  • Upon arrival, you’ll receive a playbill (program) containing a comprehensive list of the songs featured in the performance. An insert will provide additional insights about the show and the venue.
  • Take some time to explore our gallery and bar area before the show.

Venue Entry and Seating:

  • The stage entrance is on the right side, near the bar area.
  • Ushers will request your tickets, and please note that there are no assigned seats for this performance. Feel free to choose a seat that suits your preference.
  • You’re welcome to bring food and drinks into the space.

Special Accommodations and Assistance:

  • If you require special accommodations or have any concerns, our ushers are here to assist you. Additionally, we offer fidget objects, weighted lap blankets, and earplugs—just ask an employee for assistance.
  • Bathrooms are available in the gallery (female and wheelchair accessible) and on the right side of the cinema door (men).

During the Performance:

  • If you need to exit the performance area, please use the doors on the left or right of the stage.
  • Feel free to relax in the gallery or bar area.
  • Our employees are available to assist you at any time.
  • There will be a 15-minute intermission, providing a chance to unwind, stretch your legs, get a drink etc.

After the Performance:

  • Exit through the same door you entered.
  • Any employee will be happy to assist you.
  • Kindly return any borrowed weighted lap blankets and/or fidget objects.

Feedback and Contact Information:

We value your feedback! Following the show, we’ll be sending out an email seeking your input. Alternatively, feel free to send us a direct email at with your thoughts and suggestions.

We look forward to providing you with an enjoyable and inclusive live theater experience. Thank you for being part of the Hippodrome community!