Hipp Unplugged: To Be

The Hippodrome Theatre is excited to announce the sixth production in our Hipp Unplugged reading series: To Be, written and performed by Candace Clift and directed by Ariel Reich.

About To Be: What happens when you wake up to a life that has turned upside down and nothing is what it once was? To Be is one woman’s humorous, sometimes wrenching, reckoning with breast cancer, mortality and Hamlet. It is a journey of hope and desire that wrestles bravely with life’s most important question. 

To Be
Feb. 10 & 11
7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

What is the Hipp Unplugged?

The Hipp Unplugged aims to bring Gainesville even more great theater that is more challenging than what we would be able to display with our regular mainstage season. With this series, we hope to also give a voice to underserved and underrepresented playwrights and provides our company and artistic community a place to come together and grow.

With The Hipp Unplugged, you can be the first to experience the works of promising artists in our intimate Cinema stage for just $10 a ticket. There will be a talkback after each performance with the director and cast to discuss the work performed!

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March 2 & 3

Company Member Gregg Jones directs 26 Pebbles by Eric Ulloa

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed twenty-six innocent souls before taking his own life. These twenty-six innocent deaths, like pebbles thrown into a pond, created ripples and vibrations that were felt far beyond the initial rings. This is the story of those vibrations

April 6 & 7

Company Members Clint Thornton and Bryan Mercer direct an original piece, Quicksand

Set in timeless areas of the Central Florida swamps, Quicksand, an original piece created by Hipp Company members Bryan Mercer and Clint Thornton, is a humorous and haunting exploration of a rigorous childhood amongst ghostly allies and corporeal monsters. A hypnotic soundscape created live by the performers underscores porch-told stories that span the hilarious, heartbreaking, and surreal aspects of a young life molded by moss, alligators, and beautifully powerful water.