Mark Enting’s photography featured in the Hipp Art Gallery

Current Gallery Exhibit

Mark Enting’s Photography

By Natalia Veray

“I like to get in the backroads.” Mark Enting said, “A lot of times people are moving too fast and don’t notice the little things.”

Enting’s photographic work will be featured in the theatre’s art gallery beginning Wednesday, Oct. 11, in conjunction with the Hipp’s new Mainstage production “The Legend of Georgia McBride,” with an official opening on Friday, Oct. 13, along with the show. Enting will be present for opening, and the exhibit will be on display through Nov. 12, and featured for this month’s Art Walk on Oct. 27.

Enting’s work ranges from travel shots in Paris to old automobiles he stumbles upon. He hopes that audiences relate his work back to childhood memories.

Enting first began taking photographs back in high school and recalls the natural connection with his first camera. He remembers always having it in-hand, trying to isolate moments to freeze them in time. 

Enting collaborated with commercial photographers and studios before putting down his camera and to attend the University of Florida. About five years ago, Enting stumbled upon an old-camera and fell back in love with the art. Since then he’s been independently capturing everyday life, reveling in the freedom of pursuing his interests.

A freelance-photographer, Enting captures with a low-quality toy-camera to an HDR lens, switching his shooting-style to create an ethereal tone in his work.

“I’m working for myself again and it is incredibly freeing,” Enting said. “My work can be good or bad, but it’s all up to me.”