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Congratulations Emily and Nicholas!

Congratulations Emily and Nicholas! This lovely couple had a gorgeous ceremony at the Baughman Center and then celebrated their reception here with us at the Hippodrome. Before the reception, they used all the photo opportunities of Downtown Gainesville.

At the end of their special day, they had a bubble send off with all their friends and family. We were so lucky to celebrate with them! Find out more about how you can rent the Hipp today at thehipp.org/rentals. | Sworhacz@thehipp.org | 352-373-5968 X 217.


Photographer- Emily Staubus Photography



Congratulations Andrea and Aidan!

Andrea and Aidan had a small, intimate wedding at their family’s Antebellum house in Madison, Georgia. However, when they came back to Gainesville, they shared their special moment with us here at the Hippodrome too. Andrea got her hair and makeup done again, got back into her wedding dress, and Aidan got into his suit. While they kept the ceremony private, they utilized the buildings facade to take photos that they could use to share with their loved ones, recreating their first dance and other special moments on the steps of the Hippodrome. Andrea is one of the Hippodrome’s most valued employees, and she and Aidan enjoy spending date evenings at our plays and special events.

Find out more about how you can rent the Hipp today at thehipp.org/rentals. | Sworhacz@thehipp.org | 352-373-5968 X 217


Photographer: Rachel Jones


Talkback for “The Christians”


“What I like about this play is the conflict is unique. Its not about domestic conflict completely. It’s obviously about the conflict of Hell, but inside of that there’s so much,” said Lauren Warhol Caldwell, Director of “The Christians” and Artistic Director of the Hippodrome Theatre. The main thing I like about it is that there are no answers.”

The Christians is a critically-acclaimed drama by award-winning playwright Lucas Hnath. Currently one of the most-produced plays in the nation, The Christians is a thought-provoking and timely play which poses philosophical and theological questions about faith in America. The Hippodrome Theatre had a talkback Sunday after the 2 p.m. show with the director and the cast to continue the conversation with the audience members.

“I hope if 10 people walk out and I ask them how it was, I get 10 different answers,” Caldwell said.

The Christians centers around Pastor Paul, who started a church in a modest storefront. Over the past 10 years, he grew it into a mega-church with thousands of devoted parishioners and a newly paid-off mortgage. Everything changes one Sunday when Pastor Paul preaches a divisive sermon that shakes his congregation to the core. The Christians is both epic and unexpectedly intimate, an unflinching look at religious faith in America – and its power to unite or divide.

One audience member said, “The play doesn’t give answers. Faith isn’t answerable.”

When asked if “The Christians” is the same play it was on opening night, Warhol said, “Tonight’s show had a texture, richness, a pace that I dreamed about, the play was different. There’s a growth that happened. I commend them[the actors] and the Stage Manager [Amber Wilkerson] for allowing that growth.”

Renata Eastlick says the play comprises and struggles with, “how to be a good, kind and responsible community of people who love each other.” As in any play, each person who sees “The Christians” will have a different visceral reaction to it, Eastlick said.

An audience member said that there is a healthiness about the play — because of the respect the characters have for each other. 

“The fact that we’re all here, having this conversation, is optimistic,” one audience member pointed out.




Call the Hipp Box Office 352.375.4477 or visit thehipp.org for tickets.
Showtimes: Tues. 7 p.m. | Wed. 7 p.m. | Thurs. 7 p.m. | Fri. 8 p.m. | Sat. 5 & 8:30 p.m. | Sun. 2 p.m.


5/6: Jacaré Choro

Jacaré Choro presents “Terra Brasilis: Reimagining Early Music in Modern Times” at the Hippodrome Theatre! Sunday, May 6, doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the music begins at 7:30. After the show, mingle with the musicians over the Brazilian drink special of the evening, Caipirinhas!
Jacaré Choro performs unique interpretations of Brazilian music through its creative arrangements and adaptations of genres to celebrate Brazil’s rich musical history.
For those already familiar with Brazilian music, we hope the rich harmonies, contoured melodies, and syncopated rhythms will evoke feelings of nostalgia, or as we say in Brazil: saudade. For newcomers, please allow us to share our love of Brazilian music with you!
See Vadim Arsky on saxophones, Tabajara Belo on guitar and mandolin, Aaron Colverson on violin, Larry Crook on percussion and Welson Tremura on guitar and voice!

Tickets are $10 seniors and students and $15 general public.

Reserve your seats here!


Spring Break Camp was SO MUCH FUN!

Spring Break Camp at the Hippodrome was so much fun! We had special guests, including the Barber Gators and Hula GAINESVILLE, workshops like costuming, and so much more!

The different age groups even created and performed their own rendition of Dr. Suess’s “The Lorax,” as you can see in the following links!



To look into our summer programs, click here!



The Hippodrome and the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding present a groundbreaking new six-week adult course at the Hippodrome called “Theatre and Self-Discovery.”


The focus of Theatre and Self-Discovery is in what lies below the surface, how self-esteem impacts people and people’s needs list. In theatre, actors ask of their character: what drives this person’s behavior?


This course bridges the mediums between non-violent communication work and theatre in a non-threatening way, a way to step away from your own self in creating a character that is not you. One of the goals of this collaboration between the River Phoenix Center for Peace-building and the Hippodrome Theatre is peace-building within oneself.


Through this 6 week intensive adult theatre class, participants will explore the nuance of relating human behavior to the craft of a theatre artist. First, participants will go below the surface of these characters with writing. The initial classes will be facilitated by Heart Phoenix of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, and Gabrielle Byam, of the Hippodrome Theatre and the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding.


Then participants will bring the writing to the stage with real theatre artists, Matt Lindsay and Cameron Pfahler of the Hippodrome Theatre, and the course will utilize these introspective discoveries with a focus on character development and scene construction. Each individual will create and write a monologue that reflects the experiences accumulated throughout the course; the class will culminate with a showcase of student monologues.


A bit about the course leaders: Heart has been facilitating workshops for non-violent communication for 15 years. Gabrielle has worked at the Hippodrome Theatre for 20 years and has been facilitating workshops for non-violent communication for 8 years. Matt Lindsay is a theatre director, and a teacher at the Hipp for 10 years. Cameron has worked at the Hipp for several years, has a degree in psychology and has had work featured at a local playwrights festival.


6 sessions — Mondays, April 9 – May 14
6:15 – 7:30 p.m.


To best provide a personalized experience for participants, class size is limited.

Sign up here or call Gabrielle at 352.373.5968 x230 for more information.


Sara Morsey & Nell Page tear up HELD-OVER “Ripcord”!

Sara Morsey and Nell Page share the Hippodrome Mainstage again in “Ripcord”

By Jessica Fondo


Some people might think Abby is the mean one.


“She’s not mean at all!” Sara Morsey said of her character.


Really, Abby is just misunderstood. She has a wry and dry sense of humor.


“People take her quite seriously,” Morsey insisted, “more seriously than she takes herself.”


Abby does not try to cause problems for anyone, and she does not want anyone causing problems for her. She is self-contained and self-sufficient. She is not inherently unfriendly or mean but is old enough to know what she wants, and what she wants more than anything is to be alone.


Enter, Marilyn.


“Marilyn is quite the social butterfly, and she is very, very nice,” Nell Page said of her character.


She is friendly, talkative and Abby’s worst nightmare. There is no worse person Abby could be forced to share a room with than Marilyn, but there is no better pairing on the Hippodrome Mainstage than Sara Morsey and Nell Page.


Morsey and Page will take the Mainstage together once again in “Ripcord,” opening March 2. The two recognizable actors have been company members since the Hippodrome organized a company, but their careers began long before that.


When Nell Page was 18 years old, she was enamored with live theatre. She majored in theatre at the University of Florida and was cast in the lead role in the first play she auditioned for at the Hippodrome. That was in 1974.


Now, 44 years later, the Hippodrome is still flourishing, and Page continues returning to the theatre where she feels comfortable.


“It’s great to be back at the Hippodrome,” Page said. “When I am on stage, I feel most at home.”


Through the decades she has spent on the Mainstage, Page said she has seen an unparalleled quality of work within Hippodrome community.


“The Hippodrome does have something special,” Page said. “I’m not sure how to define what that is 一 you could ask patrons who have been here for the past 40-plus years, and they would probably all give you a different answer.”


One of the factors that differentiates the Hippodrome is the close relationships between company members, she said.


“I love working with this particular group of actors,” Page said. “There’s a lot of trust between us.”


Working with actors she knows so well allows Page to be vulnerable, which is both encouraging and freeing, she said. She and Sara Morsey have been collaborating on stage since Morsey began acting at the Hippodrome in 1993.


“We work well together, and because of our history, we know each other,” Page said. “There’s just that unspoken language that you share between each other.”


Morsey said the reason she is most excited to be in “Ripcord” is to once again share the stage with Page and the other actors in the show, all of whom she has worked with before.


Though she has 25 years of experience acting at the Hippodrome, Morsey said each play is different and offers a new opportunity to grow as an actor.


“You never know when you might learn something,” Morsey said. “You never know when you might up your game, so every single time you get a chance to be in the process with other actors, in the process of rehearsing a play, you never know what it’s going to do to up your game for the next one.”


Like any other profession, acting is a continual process, she said.


“You could have 25 years of experience, and it’s the same experience every day,” Morsey said. “Or you could have 25 years of experience, and it’s huge because you’ve let it blossom.”


She has acted in other David Lindsay-Abaire plays at the Hippodrome before, she said. The playwright has an ability to pack a lot of material into a a few words.


“He’s very funny right in the same breath as being very serious sometimes,” she said.


“Ripcord” crosses demographics and has something for everyone to enjoy, Morsey said. She hopes the Gainesville community takes advantage of this Florida premiere, which promises to be a unique experience.


“The theatre is here and accessible and open to everybody,” Morsey said. “And if you come in and see a live show, it’s going to be an experience that happens once in a lifetime because when it’s live, it happens once.”


Audiences can take from “Ripcord” a good laugh and an unrepeatable night, she said.


“There’s nothing like live theatre,” Morsey said. “Life is happening every night.”


For tickets, call 352.375.4477 or click here.


4/30: Mandisa Monday

Bring your instrument, your voice, your poetry or just yourself to Mandisa Monday at the Hipp Lower Level! Starting at 8:15 p.m. on Monday, April 30, be a part of the coming together of various artists: musicians, poets, storytellers and YOU. Second-best to showcasing your hidden talent, Mandisa Monday is FREE.
Mandisa Haarhoff is a South African actress, playwright and singer (qualifies only at open-mics, karaoke and home shower). She started the Mandisa Monday open mic two years ago, with The Bull as her home base.

4/29: PINE at the Hipp Cinema

The esteemed Gainesville string band, Pine, will be playing in the Hipp Cinema on Sunday, April 29. Doors at 5:30, music starts at 6:30 p.m.

Pine will play two intimate sets of live music, with an intermission for time for refreshments at the bar.

A little about Pine: Liberty Phoenix and Dan Stepp came together to create a folky sound with intimate harmonies that are supported with a beautifully talented string band. They have been lucky enough to add on Brian Turk on Stand Up Bass, Andrew Cook on Violin and Mark Archer on Dobro.

Purchase tickets online at https://tickets.thehipp.org/TheatreManager/1/online?event=1856
or call the Hipp Box Office 352.375.4477

Check out Pine’s music here:


4/14: The Threetles at the Hipp Lower Level

See THE THREETLES live Saturday, April 14 in the Hipp Lower Level! Doors at 8 p.m. and the music starts at 9 p.m.
The Beatles started in the underground of the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, before going on to lead the British Invasion across the Atlantic.
And now, right here in Gainesville, the Threetles play the Hipp Lower Level! It’s the closest band to the Beatles, in the location closest to the Cavern Club in Gainesville!
The Cavern Club was a warehouse cellar venue with columns and stone walls — just like the Lower Level. Get ready to twist and shout, and come on down to the Hipp to rock out to your favorite Beatles tribute band, THE THREETLES, keeping the beat alive.
This is a donation-based event, all proceeds donate the non-profit hosting, the Hippodrome Theatre. Arts funding was slashed this year, and the Hippodrome Theatre is doing everything possible to keep bringing you excellent theatre, cultural, and special events like this one!