New Works Festival – November 2022

The Hippodrome Theatre’s proudly presents its

Third Annual New Works Festival

✦ Florida Voices ✦

Started in 2020, The Hippodrome Theatre’s annual New Works Festival was created to support narrative voices through the development and exploration of plays in traditional and experimental formats representing the diverse landscape of artists in Florida and their stories which reveal the American experience based on the kaleidoscope of identity. We support innovative, experimental or thought provoking material, formats, and styles.

This year 3 finalists have been chosen from 45 playwright submissions. The playwrights will work with directors, actors and producers to develop and workshop their plays before showcasing them in staged readings in front of a live audience

Experience groundbreaking new works while participating in the creative process by sharing your reactions directly with the playwright and the production team at a post-show talkback. 

Friday, November 4 at 8:00 p.m.

The Ultimate Cheeseburger

We’ve all been there: the district manager comes in and talks about how everyone in your job is a “family” and that you’re all a “team” who need to work together, right? Well, things are no different at Chicken & Roots, Co. where everyone is just trying to make ends meet like most of working America. But what happens when one person is finally pushed too far?

Saturday, November 5 at 8:00 p.m.

Two plays together on one night

Evie & Loren

Evie and Loren look like a perfect match when they find each other on Tinder – except she’s his former mother-in-law. Over the course of a date, Evie and Loren learn a lot – maybe too much? – about each other before realizing they might be heading towards something dangerous.

Suture Bowl

Lights, Camera, Action!  Welcome to Suture Bowl! Join top surgeons as they face off in the final episode of the highest-rated reality series ever, battling it out in a gameshow with higher stakes than they ever imagined.  Only one will survive –  I mean, win!

Tickets and Festival Passes

Passes for all 3 performances:

$30 Regular
$24 Student/Senior 


$20 Regular
$15 Student/Senior 

Behind the Scenes Pictures

Pictures by Michael A. Eaddy

The Ultimate Cheeseburger by Jena Rashid

Evie & Loren by Bethany Dickens Assaf

Suture Bowl by Irene L. Pynn

Meet the Behind the Scenes Team

"The NWF allows us to support and be part of theater growing and changing which is what theater does best. Bringing new voices into the conversation and supporting emerging artists is a dream come true and an integral part of our mission. The festival is my favorite time every year."

“The New Works Festival is the culmination of a dream to provide developmental support to playwrights in a welcoming, nurturing, and dynamic environment.”

“The New Work Festival provides an opportunity for fresh, raw, and innovative voices to be explored. Theatre needs to be forever changing and challenging, which is why festivals like these are important. Not just for playwrights but for everyone involved in theatre.”

"The New Works Festival is an exploration of storytelling; it is an opportunity for artists to develop new, beautiful stories and help each other grow in their talent!"

“The New Works Festival means elevating new voices and moving the industry forward.”

“The Hippodrome's New Works Festival provides audiences and artists a front row seat to the purest and most exciting form of theatrical creation: the debut of a work in progress.”