Hippodrome Education Policies & Releases


  • Students must pre-register. There will be no registration on the first day of class.
  • For Summer Spectacular no refunds 10 days after registering or May 25, 2024 (whatever comes first). 
  • Any refund issued will be charged a 10% fee.
  • There is a $30 fee for any changes after registration. 


During my participation in the Hippodrome’s theatre camps, I do hereby authorize personnel of the Hippodrome State Theatre, Inc., Emergency Medical Service, or other health care providers to render such medical care as may be deemed necessary.  I understand that such care will normally be rendered on a temporary (emergency) basis only, and that I am responsible for any expenses incurred. I do hereby release Hippodrome State Theatre, Inc., its officers, employees and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of actions, due to injury, illness, or death.

I have disclosed all known medical conditions and current treatments, and I understand that such information will only be divulged to Hippodrome State Theatre, Inc. personnel directly involved with the operation of the camp and medical/dental personnel requiring the information in order to effectively treat any medical/dental emergency which may arise. 


The Hippodrome State Theatre may use photos or videos of participants for archival, marketing, and/or civic programs. I hereby give my consent to the Hippodrome State Theatre to photograph or video-record productions of the classes and presentations. 


The Hippodrome is a professional theater, and in order to maintain a professional atmosphere, we ask that all students:

  • Wear appropriate clothing. We suggest shoes with a closed toe and heel, tennis shoes or sneakers are best. Workshops require physical movement, and many exercises require sitting or lying on the floor. Students should wear clothes that they can move in comfortably. Please do not wear clothing with profanity, references to drugs or other inappropriate messages.
  • Do not go anywhere in the building without a teacher’s knowledge and permission.
  • Do not bring glass containers, chewing gum, or headsets to class.
  • The Hippodrome reserves the right to dismiss any student from the program for behavior that jeopardizes the safety of the participants and staff and/or disrupts the learning, rehearsal or production process. Bringing alcohol, drugs or weapons to the program will be cause for automatic dismissal. No tuition refund will be issued for anyone dismissed for behavioral reasons.