Camp and Education Program Safety Protocols

Camp Safety for our Campers and Staff is our priority

  • Camper with maskWe are doing everything we can here at the Hippodrome Theatre to ensure the safety of your camper while still providing a creative outlet. 
  • Here’s a few of our safety protocols for this upcoming camp season:
  • Anti-Bullying and Anti-Drug Policy: We maintain a strict no bullying and no drugs policy to create a safe and inclusive environment for all campers.

  • Sick Children: We kindly request parents to keep unwell children at home to protect everyone’s health.

  • Mask Policy: We respect and support the choice of campers and staff to wear masks. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

  • Hand Hygiene: We will actively encourage regular hand-washing to maintain good hygiene practices.
  • Sanitization: All spaces used by campers will undergo frequent cleaning and sanitization to ensure a safe environment.

We will continue to add and adjust our practices as we see fit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gabrielle.