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The Hippodrome Theatre has launched the "Keep Gainesville Hipp" Campaign to raise $750,000 over the next 6 months.

Two couples, Nathan and Ani Collier and Ken and Linda McGurn have already pledged $50,000 to start up the campaign.

Artistic Director Lauren Caldwell and Managing Director Jessica Hurov make a joint statement in saying, "We both inherited a huge challenge when we took the reigns of the theatre. This financial crisis has been caused by a storm that was brewing for many years. With the elimination of many grants supporting the arts and education, along with the rising costs of the infrastructure to support the theatre, the theatre has cut back on everything it possibly can and still provide quality experiences for the community. We come to you now as the new guardians of this nationally-known regional theatre to ask for your support in carrying us through this crisis. We are certain we can turn this around. But the Hippodrome simply cannot survive without you."

Mike Curry, Board of Trustees President said, "The most important step we have taken as a Board is to bring the most qualified people to the forefront to lead the theatre. The Board stands united in our support and appreciation of Lauren Caldwell and Jessica Hurov as they lead the Hippodrome, one of Gainesville’s most treasured cultural institutions, into the future."

The Hippodrome reaches out now to our community with a request for everyone’s full support to "Keep Gainesville Hipp."


HOW YOUR DONATION HELPS: Every dollar counts

Tickets and earned income account for less than 50% of the Hippodrome’s revenue. We need your support to continue to provide award-winning programming for children, keep theatre accessable, maintain broad access to classes and special events, and support our community of artists and designers.

Whether you have $10, $10,000 or more to contribute, we need your support to keep downtown Gainesville alive and thriving with theatre, events, classes and film. For the past 41 years, the people of Gainesville have shown their support for the arts and everything Hipp, and despite the recent economic downturn and cuts in grants, we challenge everyone to "Keep Gainesville Hipp" by contributing to the campaign today.

Linda McGurn said, "The Hippodrome is a cultural gem in the heart of downtown and this community. It brings tremendous economic impact to the whole city and brings great plays that entertain and challenge us to think about art in our lives. I cannot imagine Gainesville without the Hipp."

Nathan Collier also agrees saying, "We have been long time supporters of the Hippodrome and wanted to make sure this campaign is a success. We believe Gainesville will support it. Part of our pledge is a match to help spur more support from the community."

The Hippodrome’s continued success is intrinsic to the value of Gainesville’s quality of life, as well as our future as a vital and competitive marketplace for new industry and innovation. For over 40 years, this community has supported and sustained the Hippodrome, as the institution grew from humble beginnings to an established, nationally known non-profit organization in the heart of downtown.

As a cornerstone of Gainesville’s robust cultural life, the Hippodrome has a legacy of providing the very best in artistic excellence through programming on the mainstage, cinema, special events, and its award-winning education program. The Hippodrome serves over 250,000 audience members each year, and is proud to provide educational and entertainment opportunities to countless young people inspired by the arts. The commitment of the community to the Hippodrome’s artistic endeavors – from plays on the mainstage, to artistic film, to theatre in education work – demonstrates the important and longstanding relationship the Hippodrome holds with the people of Gainesville and beyond.



Or donate by phone:
352-375-4477 noon - 8:00, Tues.-Sun.


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