5 Reasons to Watch “Graduation” at the Hipp


Ever complain about your nagging dad and the torture that is finals week? Not after this movie. “Graduation” is a story about Romeo Aldea, a physician living in a small mountain town in Transylvania, where he has raised his daughter Eliza. Romeo has been telling Eliza that she will study abroad once she graduates, and it just so happens that Eliza has won a scholarship to study psychology in the UK. Sounds splendid, right? Wrong. Eliza has to pass her finals before her big move, and on the day before her first exam, she’s assaulted and left injured not knowing whether she can achieve her father’s dream. Romeo finds himself in some sticky situations that will really make you question how far you’d go for something you want. Here are five reasons to watch it during its run at the Hipp — from June 9 to June 11!

1. It’s v compelling

“Graduation” will have you on the edge of your seat, and like other Romanian films, “Graduation” seems to reflect a never-ending concern with the nation’s fate and people. ”Graduation” is an inside look at the complex moral compromises some people make when times get desperate and tough choices need to be made. This drama will bring you into the lead actors’ lives, and we know you’ll feel invested in the characters. WILL HE DO DO THE THING? WILL HE NOT? HOW DOES SHE FEEL? WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH?

2. You get to tell your friends you saw AND ENJOYED a foreign film

Pass up the opportunity to tell your friends that you’re more cultured and globally aware than they are? NOPE. If you’re going to brag to your pals about watching a foreign film, make it one worth watching. Watching “Graduation” at the Hipp allows you to expand your horizons AND enjoy yourself. *Cue “Best of Both Worlds” by Hannah Montana.*

3. It is all about a ~father’s love~

Bring your dad to the Hipp, and after watching “Graduation,” ask him if he would be as passionate as Romeo is about protecting his daughter’s future. Your old man would love an opportunity to hang out with you while simultaneously being interrogated about just how much he loves you. Bonus: Dads love to brag about watching a critically acclaimed film.

4. Its an 127-minute morality course


This film’s plot alone will make you question how far you’d go to ensure something that you’ve always dreamed of becomes a reality. The characters in “Graduation” are all very believable, making it so much easier to put yourself in their shoes. The film’s director, Cristian Mungiu, shows us characters that reflect everyday people’s looming questions and wouldn’t be a film your morality professor would be opposed to playing in class. Needless to say, “Graduation” offers some awesome material for a game of “What would you do?”

5. Cristian Mungiu won ‘Best Director’ at Cannes for this picture

It’s tough not to be impressed with a filmmaker who so precisely analyzes the moral choices of Romeo and the society that he and his family live in. What is so interesting about Mungiu is that he himself is Romanian, and his willingness to interrogate his homeland is absolutely fearless. We hope he doesn’t stop making thought-provoking films and maybe — just maybe — could inspire America to be a little more introspective. Get your tickets by visiting http://thehipp.org/event/Graduation/ or calling (352)375-4477.