Art for a Purpose is a one-of-a-kind gallery and a one-of-a-kind nonprofit — all rolled into one.  

Unlike traditional, commercial galleries, Art for a Purpose is a nonprofit. And unlike other non- profits, it exists to assist other charitable organizations, rather than serving one specific constituency or group.   

The process is simple:  The gallery accepts art directly from donors, sells the pieces and distributes the proceeds to charities for their unrestricted use.  Donors receive acknowledgments of their donations at the time of their gifts (useful for individual tax purposes), and they may recommend charities to benefit from the sales of their donated works.  Any person may be a dono,r and any IRS-approved nonprofit may be a recipient of distributions.  

Advantages for charities:  Distributions of net proceeds of sales are made directly to other nonprofits.  No oversight is made for the charities’ use of the funds, i.e., the distributions are unrestricted and used by them for their own operations.  Charities benefit in a number of ways:   

  • They receive cash for donated art that they otherwise would not receive.
  • They realize great cost savings because they do not have to spend time and other resources on marketing and locating purchasers for donated art, nor for space and other requirements needed to protect and preserve art prior to its sale.  
  • They increase their potential for cash from sales by referring their members and constituents to the gallery to donate art and to purchase art that has been designated for that charity’s benefit.  

Advantages for donors:  

  • Donors receive tax benefits to whatever extent they may be entitled by IRS rules.   
  • They receive the satisfaction of knowing sales of their donated works will benefit others.
  • They may recommend specific charities to be recipients of the sales of their art.*

Advantages for purchasers:  

  • Purchasers of art from the gallery receive the usual satisfaction that comes from acquiring a special piece of art for enjoyment in their homes or businesses.  
  • They also have the unusual fulfillment of knowing that money spent for their acquisitions will benefit charitable organizations.  And,
  • In special situations, buyers may recommend nonprofits to share the benefits arising from their purchases.

As the gallery grows, an education mission will be added to bring to the community the knowledge and inspiration of innovative practicing artists.  Through a series of intimate conversations, over a multiple-day period, artists will answer thought-provoking questions about their methods, media, and the motivations driving their choices as artists.


*All assets of the gallery, including gifts of art, are the sole responsibility and property of the gallery, which has sole and final authority regarding the investment, use, or disposition of the gallery’s assets.  All gifts of art to the gallery are irrevocable.