“The B-Side” comes to the Hipp Cinema


Elsa Dorfman took selfies before selfies were cool. She also used a Polaroid camera before hipsters were a thing.

This week, the Hipp Cinema will be screening “The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography.” This film, directed by Errol Morris, gives viewers an inside look into a lost art form: portraits. Using the larger-than-life Polaroid Land 20×24 camera, Dorfman captured heartwarming memories.

For 35 years, Dorfman photographed people from all paths of life: families, rockstars, literary geniuses and even herself, sometimes in the nude. (Yup, you read that right.) With Polaroid’s decision to discontinue its 20×24 film in 2017, Dorfman’s work is more relevant than ever.

“Photographs will never again look like this,” she notes.

Dorfman takes Morris deep into her backyard archive, uncovering photographs she hasn’t seen in years. Though pictures fade, Dorfman’s passion for her art does not.

“You can almost sense Morris smiling off-camera as she pulls each exposure from her file drawers for reminiscing and newfound scrutiny – that’s how strong and warm his admiration is for Dorfman and the humble richness of her work.” – Robert Abele,  Los Angeles Times

Dorfman’s charming and funny personality will have you wishing she was your grandmother. And yeah, she’d probably bother you for pictures even more than your own grandma does.

Get your tickets to this feel-good documentary by calling (352)375-4477 or visiting thehipp.org/event/the-b-side-elsa-dorfmans-portrait-photography.