Excerpt from Gainesville Downtown’s article, by Noel Leroux:

Ripcord then goes on a wild ride that includes a visit to a spooky Halloween house, a breathtaking skydiving adventure (thus, helping lend the play its name) and several other outrageous pranks involving everything from Craigslist to Xanax— not necessarily all in good fun or good taste.

“David Lindsay-Abaire’s imagination is extraordinary,” said V Craig Heidenreich, who is making his Hippodrome directorial debut with Ripcord. “He goes where no one else goes. He’s fearless — like skydiving!”

What makes Ripcord work, however, is the chemistry Morsey and Page display onstage as their characters try to push each other’s buttons with one practical joke after another.

“The playwright is brilliant in creating a story-line that presents characters who are real and dealing with a variety of situations that any audience can relate to,” Page said. “What makes the play funny is that he takes ordinary situations and spins them to ridiculous levels. And there are so many of those situations in this show.”

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