By Kelsey Peña

“When a woman says she needs new shoes, what she really wants is a new job. When she says she needs a new house, she wants a new husband. And when she says she wants a new car, she wants a new life.”

Meet Becky Foster, a 40-something-year-old woman who may or may not be in need of new shoes, a new house and a new car. Think your love life is bad? At least you’re not secretly dating a widowed man who thinks your (very much alive) husband is also dead. From Feb. 24 to March 19, hop in the passenger’s seat as Becky drives head on into a whirlwind affair that will change the lives of everyone around her. This play is the perfect blend of hilarious and heartfelt. Here are five reasons why you need to see “Becky’s New Car”:

It’s hella quotable.

Get out your apron and notepad because after seeing this show you’re going to be serving your friends some serious #quotes. Take this one for example:

“Life is chaos and holidays. Who can say why things turn out the way they do. All I know is that my life has become a handful of people I met by chance and the things we did together.”

Damn. Pull that one out at a dinner party and you’ll be the smartest (sounding) kid on the block.

See UF School of Theatre and Dance’s very own Chelsi Stancil.

You know how you always see those interviews on, like, Ellen or Oprah where they interview that guy who did soccer with Ryan Seacrest in the fall of fourth grade. Well, if you come see “Becky,” that could be you! I mean, we all know Chelsi is going to be accepting an Emmy, or an Oscar, or a Tony one day, so you could be the lucky guy or gal to say you saw her before she got Viola Davis famous.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you want a plot twist as epic as the 2017 Oscars best picture switch up, look no further than “Becky’s New Car.”  No spoilers, but I’m talking next level M. Night Shyamalan. Trust me, you’re about to be more shocked than the cast of “La La Land.” Sorry, too soon.

It’s Interactive!

Get out your oversized Gucci sunglasses and finest Hermès scarf (or, you know, the $2 shades they hand out at the Reitz and that weird bandanna you picked up in Turlington) because after you see this show you’ll probably have to hide from all of your adoring fans. OK, maybe not, but you might just get the chance to take part in the performance. With numerous fourth-wall breaks, you could be the lucky audience member to give Becky life advice or get her ready for a date.

It’s laugh-out-loud funny.

You’ve all heard of “dad jokes.” Now get ready for “mom jokes.” When her 26-year-old, lives-at-home son doesn’t do the one thing she asked of him – load the dishwasher – after he spent the night drinking, she quips, “There you have it … my son was loaded and the dishwasher was not.”

Ahhh, classic Mom.  (But seriously, the cast rolls out punch lines throughout the entire course of the play, and it’s a real treat.)

So there you go! The perfect dramedy for date night, girls’ night or whatever the occasion, you won’t want to miss “Becky’s New Car” today!