Fahrenheit 451: Under The Stage

Experience a night under the Hipp’s stage!

Where: The Hipp’s basement and cash bar

When: September 15th after the 7 pm performance of Fahrenheit 451

The Under the Stage experience is a party in our basement that takes place once per mainstage run. Inspired by the themes of the mainstage production, Under the Stage allows you to continue your evening in the world of the show.

Each Under the Stage experience is completely different from the last, but you can count on guaranteed good times! Keep an eye out for the next event coming up soon!

Entry to the party by purchasing tickets or showing your tickets of the 9/15 show. 

Fahrenheit 451 is a story about a world with no art or individualism, so for the premiere of this event series, we are celebrating our community’s creativity and self-expression!

Get dressed up with us in your best dystopian futurism outfit to show us what you’d wear to a book burning and you’ll be able to purchase your drinks at half-price all night long! We will be announcing a specialty drink menu for this event soon, so stay tuned!

Use Promo Code UTS2022  to purchase your Under the Stage ticket package which includes a ticket to the mainstage, entrance to the basement at 9 pm, and a free drink at the basement bar!

Check out what’s happening under the stage!