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Blood, Bone & Marrow: A Night of Harry Crews

October 20, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Hippodrome Cinema
Blood, Bone & Marrow: A Night of Harry Crews @ Hippodrome Cinema
The Hippodrome Cinema will present a rare public screening of the “lost” 1993 documentary “Harry Crews: Guilty As Charged.”
Immediately following the film, there will be a reception with Ted Geltner, author of “Blood, Marrow and Bone,” the first full-length, authorized biography of Harry Crews. The event will feature a panel discussion with Geltner and special guests.

About the Book:

In 2010, Ted Geltner drove to Gainesville, Florida, to pay a visit to Harry Crews and ask the legendary author if he would be willing to be the subject of a literary biography. His health rapidly deteriorating, Crews told Geltner he was on board and would even sit for interviews and tell his stories one last time. “Ask me anything you want, bud,” Crews said. “But you’d better do it quick.”

The result is “Blood, Bone, and Marrow,” the first full-length biography of one of the most unlikely figures in twentieth-century American literature, a writer who emerged from a dirt-poor South Georgia tenant farm and went on to create a singularly unique voice of fiction. With books such as Scar Lover, Body, and Naked in Garden Hills, Crews opened a new window into southern life, focusing his lens on the poor and disenfranchised, the people who skinned the hogs and tended the fields, the “grits,” as Crews affectionately called his characters and himself. He lived by a code of his own design, flouting authority and baring his soul, and the stories of his whiskey-and-blood-soaked lifestyle created a myth to match any of his fictional creations. His outlaw life, his distinctive voice and the context in which he lived combine to form the elements of a singularly compelling narrative about an underappreciated literary treasure.

“A lean and pleasingly consumable book . . . Harry Crews led a big, strange, sad and somehow very American life. It is well told here.”
—Dwight Garner, New York Times

“Does real justice to a complicated, outsized literary figure . . . Trying to separate the conjoined twins of Harry Crews, the shit-kicking, vodka-swilling legend, and Harry Crews, the person, is a delicate, messy operation. Blood, Bone, and Marrow manages to do it without either dying on the table.”
—Margaret Eby, New Republic

About the Film:

The Hippodrome Cinema will present a rare public screening of the “lost” 1993 documentary HARRY CREWS: GUILTY AS CHARGED, which has remained virtually unseen for the past 20 years.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Tom Thurman (who also made the 2006 doc BUY
AS CHARGED is an hour-long, intimate portrait of the controversial,
Georgia-born author, and features candid and exclusive interviews with
Crews himself, as well as a number of his close friends and associates.

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