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The Hipp Cinema is looking for a part-time projectionist to operate and maintain A/V equipment for our films, special events, and private rentals. Part of the projectionist’s duties are to prep shows in advance to ensure optimal performance, including ingesting digital films and keys, and advance screenings of show media, as well as to coordinate with staff and clients, and modify equipment as necessary or able to suit A/V needs.


  •  Basic IT skills. Comfortable in a Windows environment. Able to navigate folders and transfer files between disks. Able to use basic A/V programs, like VLC or MPC. Able to configure network settings and log into devices remotely.
  • Basic knowledge of A/V equipment configuration and operation. Basic knowledge of cabling and A/V connections, and to recognize and adjust setups according to situational needs. Required to operate multiple devices simultaneously, as well as maintain equipment–including cleaning parts.
  • Willingness to work afternoon and nights, with flexibility for work hours past midnight and as needed for special events.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with staff and clients needs for A/V setups.
  • Basic knowledge of Powerpoint.
  • Able to work in very low light conditions.
  • Able to climb stairs daily and occasionally carry heavy loads.
  • Able to logically and calmly solve time-sensitive issues.
  • Able to train and advise staff on equipment usage.
  • Able to work with varied personality types in a dynamic work environment, and comfortable with public speaking.

This is a part time position. To apply, email resume to cinema@thehipp.org.