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General Audition Information

Outside of any required EPAs (Equity Principal Auditions), we cast our season on a show-by-show (as needed) basis. We hire union (Actors’ Equity Association) and non-union actors. You may submit your headshot, resume and cover letter at any time in the season. It is helpful to know what show(s) for which you’d like to be considered (refer to our current season link for show information).

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.

The Hippodrome State Theatre 2018-19

Seeking Actors for ALL ROLES in


EPA Local Audition

The Hippodrome State Theatre

Gainesville, FL

Million Dollar Quartet

1st rehearsal: May 17 Run: May 31 – June 23

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.

The Hippodrome State Theatre participates in the EMC Program

Director: Hugh Hysell


Monday February 4                                               Hippodrome State Theatre

9:30am – 4:30pm                                                      25 SE 2nd Place

                                                                                        Gainesville, FL 32601

Please prepare a short 1 minute song in the style of the show.  If auditioning for Elvis, Carl, Johnny, Jerry Lee, or Brother Jay, please be prepared to accompany yourself on your instrument.


Please email Hippauditions@gmail.com with your time request.  Non union actors will be seen as time allows.


If you are unable to attend, video auditions will be accepted until 9am on Monday February 4th.  Please submit the requested song to Hippauditions@gmail.com.


Million Dollar Quartet Written by Colin Escot and Floyd Mutrux

Director: Hugh Hysell 1st rehearsal: May 17  Run: May 31 – June 23 w/ possible ext. till August

Inspired by a true event, MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET relives the night an extraordinary twist of fate brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley together at Sun Records in Memphis for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions ever.

Jerry Lee Lewis: Male, 20-29 Rock ‘n’ Roll’s legendary piano prodigy and celebrated Last Standing Man (must play piano); mid 20’s; vocal range: D4 – C6.

Sam Phillips:  Male, 33 the Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll and founder of Sun Records; discovered Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and many others, including Roy Orbison, and B.B. King; a towering and charismatic figure in American music; does not need to sing or play an instrument; audition with a one min monologue, bring a second.

Carl Perkins:  Male, 24 lead guitar player, the first poet of Rock ‘n’ Roll (must play guitar); vocal range: D3 – C6.

Johnny Cash: Male, 24 guitar player, a giant of American music at that dawn of his epic career; vocal range: D3 – G#5.

Dyanne: Female, 20-29 (any ethnicity) an aspiring singer, Elvis’s girlfriend; does not need to play an instrument; mid 20’s; vocal range: A3 – D5.

Elvis Presley: Male, 21 guitar, the first and still undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll; vocal range: A3 – C6.

Brother Jay: Male, any age – bass player (Musician with lines), brother of Carl Perkins, looking for bass play with tricks. Does not sing.

Fluke – Male, any age – drummer (Musicians with lines).  Does not sing

All body types, races, & ethnicities are welcome to audition.