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General Audition Information

Outside of any required EPAs (Equity Principal Auditions), we cast our season on a show-by-show (as needed) basis. We hire union (Actors’ Equity Association) and non-union actors. You may submit your headshot, resume and cover letter at any time in the season. It is helpful to know what show(s) for which you’d like to be considered (refer to our current season link for show information).

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.


The Hippodrome State Theatre 2018-19

Seeking Actors for ROLES of Oskar, Jonny, and Micke in



AEA / NON UNION Video Auditions

The Hippodrome State Theatre

Gainesville, FL


1st rehearsal: Sept 21 Run: Oct 12-Nov 4

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.

The Hippodrome State Theatre participates in the EMC Program

Artistic Director: Lauren Warhol Caldwell



Video Submissions Only


VIDEO SUBMISSIONS:  Please email your video submission to hippauditions@gmail.com no later than noon on Tuesday May 29th, 2018.  Please choose a role and submit the materials requested along with your headshot and resume. Sides located under Mainstage / Auditions at www.thehipp.org

Please prepare selected sides located below.

Jonny side

Micke side

Oscar & Eli side 1

Oscar and Eli side 2


Let The Right One In adapted by Jack Thorne

based on Swedish novel and screenplay by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Director: Lauren Warhol Caldwell. 1st rehearsal: Sept. 21  Run: Oct. 12 – Nov. 4

A brutal and tender vampire myth told through the turbulence of a coming-of-age romance.  Oskar, a lonely boy from a broken home, is bullied at school and longing for friendship.  Eli, the young girl who moves in next door, doesn’t attend school and rarely leaves home.  When a series of mysterious killings plagues the neighborhood, these two young misfits, sensing in each other a kindred spirit, forge a deep connection.  But the shocking truth about one of them tests their young friendship – and love – beyond all imaginable limits.


Oskar: male, can play pre-teenage; a fairly typical lonely, bullied 12-year-old. His troubled home life and struggles with school bullies render him a quiet and vulnerable boy. However, again, his relationship with Eli draws out a soft, playful, and also resilient aspect of his character.

Jonny: male, can play pre-teenage; a classic school bully. Enjoys making Oskar’s life miserable. Not really a nice guy.

Micke: male, can play pre-teenage; Jonny’s sidekick. Joins in bullying Oskar, but with less relish than Jonny. There is a sense that the two have probably been friends at some point, but Micke has decided to join the winning side in becoming a bully, probably at least for reasons of self-preservation.