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General Audition Information

Outside of any required EPAs (Equity Principal Auditions), we cast our season on a show-by-show (as needed) basis. We hire union (Actors’ Equity Association) and non-union actors. You may submit your headshot, resume and cover letter at any time in the season. It is helpful to know what show(s) for which you’d like to be considered (refer to our current season link for show information).

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.


The Hippodrome State Theatre 2018-2019

Video Auditions for DISGRACED and A DOLL’S HOUSE PART 2 – seeking selected roles.

Gainesville, FL   SPT

(Current $572/week minimum)

Artistic Director: Lauren Warhol Caldwell

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.  Shows generally run T-R 7:30pm, F 8pm, Sat 5 & 8:30pm, Sun 2pm

Video auditions only :

Please submit an audition video with the requested material to Hippauditions@gmail.com no later than noon on Friday October 12th at noon.   Choose 1 side for the character you wish to be seen for and send with your headshot and resume.                                 


Abe and Amir Side

Amir and Emily Side

Emily side 2

Issac and Emily Side

Jory side


Emmy side 1

Emmy side 2


A Doll’s House, Part 2 by Lucas Hnath

Director: Lauren Warhol Caldwell 1st rehearsal: Dec. 17 Run: Jan. 11 – Feb. 3

After 15 years away, Nora Helmer has returned home. And now that she’s back, the heroine of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is taking no prisoners. This award-winning theatrical sequel crackles with razor-sharp humor that speaks directly to today’s audiences, giving a new voice to its predecessor’s themes of marriage, fidelity and personal independence.

Nora:  CAST Female, 40-59; an independent, intelligent and very successful author.

Torvald: CAST Male, 50-59; Nora’s estranged husband; mild-mannered, keeps his feelings and emotions close to the vest, though he has many.

Ann Marie: CAST Female, 55-75; the Helmer’s nanny; honest, blunt and big-hearted.

Emmy: Female, 18-25 (any ethnicity); Nora’s and Torvald’s daughter; an old soul and a romantic; wise and mature in some ways, but still 18.


Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar

Director: Lauren Warhol Caldwell  1st rehearsal: March 29 Run: April 19 – May 12

Amir Kapoor is a successful Pakistani-American lawyer who is rapidly moving up the corporate ladder while distancing himself from his cultural roots. Emily, his wife, is white; she’s an artist, and her work is influenced by Islamic imagery. When the couple hosts a dinner party, what starts out as a friendly conversation escalates into something far more damaging.


Amir: Male, 35-45, Pakistani-American; a well-educated and well-dressed New York corporate lawyer at odds with his Muslim heritage, and in denial about the depth of his faith; American born of Pakistani descent and speaks perfect American English; like all the characters in the play, he is glib, urban, driven, and extremely intelligent; Emily is his wife; feels he is on the verge of a career breakthrough, but is insecure about his standing at the firm.

Emily: Female, 30-39, Amir’s wife; attractive and warm, articulate and compassionate; strives to be even-handed and level-headed in both her personal and professional relationships; a truly talented painter on the cusp of significant success, her work focuses on Islamic themes; has worked hard to educate herself and broaden her personal and world views; on the verge of a major breakthrough in her career; finds herself and her marriage increasingly threatened by her husband’s complicated relationship to his Islamic faith, and her own secrets.

Abe: Male, 18-26, Pakistani-American; as American as American gets; vibrant and endearing in his hoodie, skinny jeans, and high-tops; smart and engaging with an awakening sense of social and personal justice; Amir’s nephew.

Isaac: Male, 35-45, a successful Jewish art curator married to Jory; a vibrant and seductive personality, he draws people in with his charmingly quick wit, easy manner and passion–passion about art, about politics, about his family, about his Jewish faith–you name it; Jory’s husband.

Jory: Female, 30-39, African-American, a lawyer in Amir’s firm; married to Isaac; a strikingly beautiful, intelligent, commanding, and forthright woman; articulate and confident, and has wrestled her way to the top; not afraid to fight for what she wants and get her hands dirty if necessary.