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General Audition Information

Outside of any required EPAs (Equity Principal Auditions), we cast our season on a show-by-show (as needed) basis. We hire union (Actors’ Equity Association) and non-union actors. You may submit your headshot, resume and cover letter at any time in the season. It is helpful to know what show(s) for which you’d like to be considered (refer to our current season link for show information).

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.


The Hippodrome State Theatre 2018-19

The Hippodrome Theatre is Seeking Non-Union Actors and Children for ROLES in A CHRISTMAS CAROL



The Hippodrome State Theatre  25 SE 2nd Place

Gainesville, FL

1st rehearsal: TBD (Early November) Run: Nov 24-Dec 23

All shows are produced under the Equity SPT Agreement.

The Hippodrome State Theatre participates in the EMC Program



Tuesday  September 11    2:00pm – 6:00pm                                     

Wednesday September 12   2:00pm – 6:00pm

Bring a 1 minute memorized monologue (adults please choose a classical monologue) and be prepared to sing one verse of Deck the Halls.



Please email Hippauditions@gmail.com with a time and date request, and adults please include your headshot and resume.


A Christmas Carol: adapted by Janet Allard and Michael Bigelow Dixon from Charles Dickens

Director: Niall McGinty 1st rehearsal: TBD  Run: Nov. 24-Dec. 23

Join Scrooge, Marley, the Cratchits and a host of Christmas ghosts for this classic holiday story adaptation.  Most actors play multiple roles. The children will be double cast.

Scrooge, CAST 50s-60s. Vicious old man.

Jacob Marley: CAST

Marley’s Ghosts 1 & 2: CAST

Bob Cratchit, 30s-40s, Hopeful middle-aged man

Mrs. Cratchit: 30s-40s, Kindly, hopeful, loving, strong

Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig: 30s, jolly, fun and funny, looking for Singers or actors who play instruments

Young Belle: 20s, in love with young Scrooge, strong and honest

Young Scrooge: 20s, torn by his love for Belle and his love of money


The Cratchits, (Peter, Martha, Belinda, Tiny Tim).

Fan: Scrooge’s sister

Scrooge as Boy

Belle as Girl

Dick (Doubles as Want)

Turkey Child (Doubles as Ignorance)