About the Hipp’s Adult Education Programs

The Hipp provides quality arts education for all ages with the region’s most dynamic and experienced teachers to lead our camps and classes. The Hippodrome offers a growing roster of classes for adults, including Improv Classes, Scene Study, Storytelling, and Play Observership programs in conjunction with the Mainstage season.

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Upcoming Adult Education Courses

Scene Study for Actors and Non-Actors

In the Hippodrome’s Scene Study for Actors and Non-Actors, students will learn how to craft the arc of the scene as they practice creating unique characters and learn how to break down a script into playable actions, as well as develop their dexterity to approach different characters truthfully. This class will also help participants realize the collaborative process between actors, directors and coaches and give them a comprehensive understanding of the specific demands of the entertainment industry. This series will allow participants to explore different writers, styles and genres of scripts and will encourage ease, spontaneity and clarity.