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6 reasons to see “Forever Plaid” at the Hipp


“Good evening. We’re Forever Plaid. And we’re dead.” The sweet and quirky lads of the 1950s boy band, Forever Plaid, get one more chance to perform their swingin’ showtunes on earth — right here at the Hippodrome Theatre in downtown Gainesville! This fun, family-friendly comedy is full of cheeky humor and flawless choreography. Preview shows open May 31, and the show officially opens June 2. Here’s why you should see it:

1)      The Plaids, obviously!

Ladies, we all know there’s nothing better than a guy that sings. These handsome fellas will have you swooning in your seat. Sparky, Jinx, Frankie and Smudge are incredibly charming, and they can definitely carry a tune! (Photo by Michael A Eaddy)

2)      Boy bands are SOOO in right now

Whether you’re Team NSYNC or Team Backstreet, you know boy bands are the best thing that happened to the music world. The Plaids are the original boy-band quartet (One Direction, who?) you didn’t know you needed. They’ve got perfect harmonies and killer dance moves! If you want to stay hip (or Hipp, hahahahaha) and on trend, don’t miss out on fangirling over these good-lookin’ guys.

3)      Spinning plates, an accordionist, jugglers, a Viking lady and a talking mouse

That’s all in one scene. Need I say more? (Photo by Michael A Eaddy.)

4)      The throwbacks

Do you remember singing “Catch a Falling Star” while watching “The Princess Diaries” all those years ago? Of course you do! Because it was a 2000s hit song!!!! That’s only one of the many epic throwbacks in this bee-boppin’ musical. You’ll be riding the waves of nostalgia long after the show is over.

5)      It’ll bring out your inner nerd

These leading men are insanely quirky! Whether they’re plagued by nosebleeds, asthma or a lisp, they overcome their personal challenges to put together beautiful harmonies and rhythms. And they aren’t apologetic about it. They normalize what is stereotypically seen as weird and make it goofy and fun. You’ll be proud to let your freak flag fly after seeing this show. (Photo by Michael A Eaddy.)

6)      Everyone loves a second chance

At the beginning of the show, you learn the Plaids have died in a tragic accident, but they don’t let that stop them. They literally have the voices of angels! Their musical spirits live on as they get their final shot at the concert they never gave. Will they pull it off? Only way of finding out is by seeing this amazing summer musical. Call (352)375-4477 or visit thehipp.org for tickets.


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