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5 Reasons to Watch “Colossal” at the Hipp


Imagine being dumped by your boyfriend, failing at your career, having a slight drinking problem and moving back home. Your life is in ruins. Things couldn’t get worse, right? Wrong! On top of all of that, there is a possibility that a monster terrorizing Seoul (yes, as in Seoul, South Korea, located on the opposite side of the world) has a weird connection with you. Well, that happens to be Gloria’s dilemma. In the high-concept drama “Colossal,” Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, a woman with a drinking/monster problem that she can only fix if she looks ~within~. Here are five reasons to watch it during its run at the Hipp — from June 2 to June 15!

1. Anne Hathaway plays the anti-princess

I know, I KNOW. Anne Hathaway will eternally be Mia Thermopolis Renaldi, PRINCESS of Genovia in our hearts, but TBH her character, Gloria, is pretty dang entertaining. Gloria has some obvious things she needs to deal with, like alcoholism, failure to commit and just generally being a crummy person (Get it together, Gloria. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD), but her journey through the film proves that she’s not ignorant of her train-wreck ways and does, in fact, want to change. Gloria’s character development is reason enough to watch “Colossal.”

2. Inner demons are, like, literal

Imagine how screwed we’d all be if each of our inner demons were terrorizing cities around the globe. Yeah, I don’t want to imagine that either. It’s no secret that the main idea of this movie is that Gloria’s inner demons and self-destructive ways manifest themselves into an actual, literal monster and force her to come to terms with how she lives her life. Is Gloria’s city-destroying monster her alcoholism? Or is it deeper rooted issues looking for an outlet to express itself? Or is it a reflection of sublimated traumas that only come out at her worst, darkest moments? We’ll let you come and watch to decide what the big scary monster that is Gloria’s flaws actually represents.

3. Jason Sudeikis gives a ~colossal~ performance

Jason Sudeikis is a funny guy. We know him, we love with him, and we are completely impressed with his dramatic performance in this film. Sudeikis plays Oscar, a character who is flawed and is extremely realistic. He does a phenomenal job in playing a guy who you feel like you’ve known since high school, which Gloria does, and proves that his talent can be believably funny AND serious. A lesser flick would just make Oscar a bland, transparent character that’s essentially nothing more than the “nice guy” archetype, but Jason Sudeikis allows him to be a fully normal, everyday guy with a good and bad side. #SUDEIKIS4PREZ

4. It gives traditional sci-fi movies a run for their money

It’s funny to think that the plot of this movie hasn’t been worked on yet considering that it is so thought-provoking and in its own a way, a parody of movies like Godzilla and Frankenstein.The manifestation of one person’s fears and insecurities, rather than that of global anxieties is kind of wickedly funny. Why should this city in South Korea suffer a giant, horrifying thing that was created out of one privileged American’s hangups? The answer is found in the movie itself, but this horror-ish film has a deeper meaning than most of its genre and still manages to be devilishly funny in the meantime.

5. We haven’t seen a movie like this in years

Think hard: When was the last time we had two huge stars like Hathaway and Sudeikis play charismatic oddballs in a movie that’s not about their friendship turning into a cheesy, you-were-here-all-along love story? It’s been awhile, folks. In this film, the protagonist is dealing with her own, much bigger problems bigger than that of falling for the closest guy in proximity. The nature of the film itself is so uniquely different and truly unlike what we’re so used to seeing at the movie theatres nowadays. This movie is colossal (hahahahahaha); you have to see if for yourself. Get your tickets by visiting http://thehipp.org/event/Colossal/ or calling (352)375-4477.

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