10 Reasons You Should Watch “When Harry Met Sally” (at the Hipp!)

By Kelsey Peña

1989 was a the year for life-changing pop culture: Taylor Swift was born. Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” was topping the charts. And, most importantly to us, rom-com fans across the globe were blessed with one of the most classic will-they/won’t-they love stories of all time, “When Harry Met Sally.” With a star-studded cast, including Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal and Carrie Fisher, the film follows the lives of two friends living in New York City and their relationship throughout the years. This classic raises the question, “Can men and women ever be ‘just friends’?”

“When Harry Met Sally” is just as celebrated today as it was nearly 30 years ago. Here’s why you need to watch it:

1. The iconic 80s fashion.

Look at the glasses. Look at the shoulder pads. Amazing.

2. Meg Ryan is actual hair goals.

Sure, the amount of hairspray used for this movie probably created a permanent hole in the ozone layer. But still, we can all appreciate the insane volume going on here.

3. A strong female lead.

Sally has great style and gorgeous hair, but she’s also a BOSS. Right after graduating from the University of Chicago, she road tripped to New York City, followed her dreams and eventually became a successful journalist.

4. It’s the perfect movie to watch with your friends.

For those nights when you just want to get your besties together, eat pizza and watch a rom-com, this movie is your go-to. It’s just the right combination of funny, sweet and even a little bit tear-jerking (if you, like me, cry at literally everything).

5. Carrie Fisher. Need I say more?

While this inspiring and talented leading lady is perhaps best remembered for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, she also made an appearance in “When Harry Met Sally” as Sally’s best friend and ½ of the relationship goals that are Marie and Jess.

6. You’ll finally understand all of those movie references.

I’ll have what she’s having, if ya know what I mean.

7. Young Billy Crystal

I’m not even gonna lie, young Billy Crystal can kinda get it. I’ll admit, it’s a little weird that he voiced the one-eyed monster from your childhood. (Yes, I’m talking about Mike Wazowski.) But look at that smile. And the scruff. You can’t help but admit that he used to be a little bit of a cutie.

8. It will restore your faith in love.

Every now and then, the movie will cut to an interview of an old couple that has been together for, like, 60 years. And then they talk about how they met and how much they love one another. And the old man will say something about how beautiful his wife was when they met. And how she’s just as beautiful now. And then you cry. You just cry.

9. It celebrates friendship.

OK, yes, Harry spends 90 percent of the movie trying to convince Sally that men and women can’t be friends, but he does that while simultaneously being one of the best friends a girl could ask for.  From furniture shopping, to setting Sally up on a blind date, to being her shoulder to cry on when things go awry, Harry has always got her back.

10. It’s playing at your favorite downtown hangout!

That’s right, on Feb. 8 at 8 p.m. you can satisfy all your sappy rom-com cravings right in the Hippodrome Cinema. The beloved film will be playing for one night only, so be sure to book your tickets here!