Current Gallery Exhibit

Mixed Media Art

By Cristine Cambrea

Cristine Cambrea‘s work has two levels. Big images like faces, places and things woven together with small images. She calls it “one world inside another.” She uses her art as a way to meditate and connect with the world, and as a visionary artist, she says emotion and intuition guide each stroke.

“If there were a special camera or glasses to see people and things—not just their physical attributes, but also their experiences, their troubles, their sicknesses, their connectedness or lack of to everything around them—I think they would look very similar to my paintings,” Cambrea said in her artist’s statement. “I do not draw what people look like; I draw maps of their experiences, feelings, energy, and relationships among their physical, emotional and energetic environments.”

Her creations, which are usually inspired by her dreams or life experiences, are sometimes a mystery even to her when she finishes them. Using both painting and drawing, her pieces come to life as she works. Paint is used to create a color palate, and when she has decided what colors to work with, she draws on top of the paint to create multiple mediums on one canvas.

“The shapes and negative spaces formed by the paints dictate that I draw images that often are mystical and surprising to me as I explore the surfaces in pen and ink,” Cambrea said.

 To see more of her work, visit her website:

This unique collection will run from April 12 – May 7 to accompany the mainstage production of Hamlet. Pieces are available for purchase at the Hippodrome Box Office.