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The Two Musketeers

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April 8 - May 3

by Jon Jory
Directed by: Lauren Caldwell

"A veritable orgy of leaping, sword-crossing, prancing, cross-dressing, role-switching, word-mincing, history-bending, pillow-fighting, plot-thickening nonsense featuring possibly the hardest working small cast of multiple personalities ever to elbow each other aside on The Hipp’s small stage."Ron Cunningham, Gainesville Sun

"Hilarious parody and fast-moving farce." Dick Kerekes & Leisla Sansom, EntertainingU.com

"A high-quality, exuberant, hilarious, ribald, sexy, sword-fighting, face-punching, crotch-kicking, rollicking, musical good-time-adventure."Tom Miller's Secret Site

A World Premiere! When a small acting company eliminates one Musketeer from their production of The Three Musketeers due to budget constraints, the rest of the cast must sally forth bravely with only two. The classic tale of d’Artagnan and his sword-fighting friends is presented with hilarity, romance, wit, and derring-do to spare. This high-comedy adaptation is a witty send-up of Alexandre Dumas’ beloved adventure.

Content Advisory: Some material may be inappropriate for younger children. Parental discretion is advised.

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  • Tue (04/28) 7:00
  • Wed (04/29) 7:00
  • Thu (04/30) 8:00
  • Fri (05/01) 8:00
  • Sat (05/02) 5:00 8:30
  • Sun (05/03) 2:00 7:00

A Summer Musical

May 27 - June 21

We’re saving the best for last with our toe-tapping musical! Stay tuned for the big announcement!


  • Wed (05/27) 7:00