The Best Tickets at the Best Price!

Which package is best for you?
If you come more than once a year to the Hipp (and why wouldn’t you?) purchasing one of the ticket packages below is great way to save on tickets! Whether you like to plan ahead or want the ultimate flexibility to choose your date, the Hipp offers the perfect season pass package for you!

Option 1: Season Flex Pass

Want to pick and choose? This one is for you!

How does it work? For as much as 40% off single ticket prices, you get a flexible package of 6 tickets that can be used for any show in the season, in any combination you like. The tickets live in your account all season long, and when you decide how to use them, you call the box office to book the seats you want.

2017-18 Pre-Season Pricing is now available!

6-Ticket Flex Pass – Regular • $149 $120 | 6-Ticket Flex Pass – Senior • $125 $99

Buy your 6-ticket flex pass before the season begins and receive an additional discount – 4 tickets for the price of 6! Available for a limited time only!

Buy Flex Pass

Option 2: Fixed Seat Subscription

Want seats to every show? This is your deal!

How does it work? You pick out your favorite seats in the theatre, and your favorite night of the week to come to the theatre – and get to sit in those seats on that night for every regular season production, at up to 50% off single ticket prices.

What if I can’t go to my regular performance? Not a problem! Just call the box office and change your tickets to a more convenient time, for no additional charge.

What if I lose my tickets? Not a problem! We know you! Just call the box office, and we will have tickets waiting for you at Will Call on the day of the performance.

Preview Performances
(that’s just $12 per show)
See the shows before they open!
33% off Single Ticket Prices!
Select 1st Wed or 1st Thu for these packages
Opening Night Performances
(that’s just $36 per show!)
Includes invite to reception and cast party!
20% off Single Ticket Prices!
Select 1st Fri for this package
Senior Discounts
FOR ONLY $87.50
(that’s just $12.50 per show!)
Our most popular season package!
50% off Single Ticket Prices!
Select 2nd Sun Matinee for the special Cast Talkback package
Regular Performances
FOR ONLY $122.50
(that’s just $17.50 per show!)
The deepest price cut available!
50% off Single Ticket Prices!
No distinction between peak and off-peak shows!
 Buy Fixed Seats