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Our Visual Art Gallery hosts Florida artists in eight exhibitions annually. The exhibition program features photography, paintings, fine art photography, glass art, sculpture and other types of visual art. Info: artgallery@thehipp.org.

A Bargain at Half the Price

April 10 - May 3

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Celino Dimitroff


I was honored to have been chosen to exhibit at The Hipp for World Premiere of The Two Musketeers. With script on hand, I started to assemble what I thought might coincide with the play, and I was surprised that the pieces came so freely. The Hippodrome is such a great place that the community can assemble and forget the rest of the world for just a couple of hours, a place where we can use our imagination and be entertained by folks that are dedicated to excellence.

Celino will be participating in Art Walk at the Hipp on Friday, April 24. His exhibit will be up at the Hipp Gallery through Sunday, May 3.

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Click for a larger view

Info: artgallery@thehipp.org

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