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Our Visual Art Gallery hosts Florida artists in eight exhibitions annually. The exhibition program features photography, paintings, fine art photography, glass art, sculpture and other types of visual art. Info: artgallery@thehipp.org.

Melanie Ann Wegner

February 18 - March 15

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"Ava Que Emigre" © Melanie Ann Wegner 2014 (5' x 3' Acrylic and graphite on board)

Melanie Ann Wegner

Hypnagogia: Images from a half - dream state

Hypnagogia is a term that describes the state between wakefulness and falling asleep. The time when our daytime processing mind gives way to the place of dreams. The time of nothingness just before sleep when free form begins to take over. Colors swirl, dance and create a space that did not exist before. Unique images spring forth and we are caught between two states of being. Caught between two worlds.

My work emerges from this space between two worlds. The abstract expressionist paintings with their color, movement and form originate from the purely emotional part of myself, while the highly detailed surreal drawn imagery in black and white comes from images of nature that I observe and absorb daily.

Yet both are more similar than it may visually appear. When I come to the point of creating art in my studio, whether painting or drawing, the approach is the same: I leave my daily world at the door and begin work from the place of "letting go" and slipping between two states.

This year I've begun to create a dialogue between these two realms. I am learning that they can and do intertwine and become integrated without losing the mystical quality and dream like state. They hold their own conversations providing me with a unique expression. I become more integrated and whole. I'll continue to work in both disciplines separately and continue the dialogue between them.

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Info: artgallery@thehipp.org

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