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Our Visual Art Gallery hosts Florida artists in eight exhibitions annually. The exhibition program features photography, paintings, fine art photography, glass art, sculpture and other types of visual art. Info: artgallery@thehipp.org.

Civil Rights in Gainesville

September 2 - September 29

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Matheson Museum


Inspired by the Hippodrome Theatre’s September performance Clybourne Park, the Matheson Museum will present an exhibit that features the stories of segregation and integration in Gainesville with an emphasis on some of the key events that took place in Gainesville between the 1950s and 1970s. The exhibit will talk about the physical boundaries that separated African American neighborhoods from white neighborhoods, as well as the social and legal boundaries that separated public businesses, facilities, and schools. The exhibit will include the perspectives and experiences of Gainesville’s diverse growing population.

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Info: artgallery@thehipp.org

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