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The Hippodrome Theatre’s Internship Program offers hands-on experience in the region’s premier professional theatre and cultural center.   The internship program provides undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates the chance to participate in and observe a professional theatre environment.  The Hippodrome offers a wide variety of internships—full and part-time, season-long and just for summer—in areas ranging from IT to costumes to acting.



In addition to departmental assignments, Hippodrome interns do participate in important theatre-wide initiatives including: marketing, opening night events, strike, etc.  However, our interns spend the majority of their time working in their chosen fields, developing the skills and contacts needed to take the next step toward achieving professional and educational goals.

Interns work closely with members of our experienced and talented staff. Each intern is responsible for accomplishing goals set by his/her departmental supervisor. Many departments at the Hipp include project-based activities, providing our interns with opportunities to work independently and see their efforts come to fruition.  


  • A modest weekly stipend (for full-time, full-season internships)
  • Complimentary tickets to our Mainstage and Cinema
  • A Hipp email address and computer access
  • College credit, if offered through your educational institution—we’ll gladly help you with the paperwork.
  • Possible housing—Hippodrome housing is limited and generally reserved for actors and full-time interns.
  • The opportunity to work in a fast-paced and dynamic professional theatre environment!
  1. Review the Current Openings and INTERNSHIP FAQ’s sections on this page.
  2. Save your cover letter, resume, and contact info for three references as MS Word (.doc) or Adobe pdf (.pdf) files.  Please do NOT send .docx files.
  3. Compose an email to: internships@thehipp.org.  Put your name and the name of the internship(s) to which you are applying in the subject line of the email.  Example:  Jane Smith – Education Internship.  Attach your cover letter, resume and reference contact info.  Applicants in production, such as costumes or props, may also send a digital portfolio of relevant images.
  4. Send your email.
  5. You will be contacted via phone or email ONLY if you are selected for an interview or asked to supply additional information.  Not all applicants will be asked to interview.  We receive a high volume of internship applicants, so we are not able to provide status reports on the review process.

Q: What internships do you offer?

A: Internships for which we are accepting applications are listed under CURRENT OPENINGS.  Internships routinely offered at the Hippodrome include the following: Acting, Arts Administration, ASM, Cinema, Company Management, Costumes, Development, Education, General Production, Group Sales/Rentals/Outreach, IT, Lighting, Marketing, Props, and Sound. 

Q: How long is a Hippodrome internship?

A: Internship lengths vary by department and need.  The approximate dates of the internship are posted with the description.

Q: What if my availability does not match the specified internship dates?

A: Within reason, internship dates are usually negotiable. You should keep in mind, however, that our selection process tends to favor applicants whose availability most closely matches the specified dates and hours.  If you will be unavailable at any time during the period of the posted internship dates, please include that information in your cover letter.

Q: Are Hippodrome interns paid?

A: Yes!  Although we are a not-for-profit theatre, we do provide small weekly stipends to our interns to help offset living expenses.  Stipend amounts, exact dates, etc. can be discussed during the interview process.

Q: Can I be an intern and also hold an outside job?

A: The demands of a full-time Hippodrome internship make it very difficult (if not impossible) to hold an outside job at the same time.  Full-time interns and part-time interns who are also enrolled in college classes are strongly discouraged from having outside employment.

Q: Does the Hippodrome provide housing for interns?

A: The Hippodrome has limited housing availability (typically apartments shared with 1-2 other interns).  Housing is given first to actors, and then to full-time interns.  Housing is not available for part-time interns. 

Q: What about transportation?

A: Having your own car is a plus, but not a requirement unless it is stated in the internship description.  Many interns find Gainesville’s bus system (RTS) or a bicycle adequate.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible for a Hippodrome internship?

A: Review the individual internship descriptions.  If you are at least 18 years of age and meet the education and skill requirements of a posted internship, you are welcome to apply. 

Q: What are the application deadlines?

A: Hippodrome internships are posted at different times throughout the year.  Individual internships may include an application deadline.  Applications are reviewed in the order in which they were received.  It is recommended that applicants apply as soon as openings are posted.

Q: How do I apply for an internship?

A: See the “HOW TO APPLY” section above.

Q: What should be included in my cover letter?

A: The most successful cover letters answer the following questions:

  • To what position(s) are you applying?
  • What are your dates of availability? 
  • Why are you interested in an internship at the Hippodrome?
  • What strengths would you bring to the internship (relevant training, skills, and personal traits)?
  • What are your career goals?
  • How would an internship at the Hippodrome help you in attaining your career goals?

Q: Can you offer any other advice for applicants?

A: The following list of tips may increase your chance of a successful application to the Hipp and elsewhere:

  • Follow the application instructions.  It sounds simple, but you may be surprised by how many incomplete applications we receive, and how many applicants send materials without naming the internship(s) for which they are applying.
  • Carefully proofread your cover letter and resume.  Then get two other people to do the same.
  • Google yourself and check the “everyone” view of your Facebook page.  We probably will, too.

Q: How does the application process work?

A: Once your materials are received, they are distributed to the appropriate department head(s) for review.  You will be contacted via phone or email ONLY if you are selected for an interview or asked to supply additional information.  Not all applicants will be asked to interview.  We receive a high volume of internship applicants, so we are not able to provide status reports on the review process. 

We contact applicants under consideration as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a busy professional theatre.  Depending on our activities here and the immediacy of the internship, it could take 3-4 weeks to receive an interview call.  Local applicants are asked to interview in-person, while out-of-town applicants are interviewed via phone and/or Skype.


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