Special Events

The Hippodrome Cinema hosts multiple signature events throughout the year that connect film lovers with critically-acclaimed national and international films. The program draws in audiences from across the state of Florida into the Southeast region and presents the finest forum for discussion on all genres of film. The Cinema’s programming also includes film festivals, holiday programming, Skype & In-Person talkbacks and other events.

Cocktails & Classics

Join the Hippodrome Cinema for an evening of specialty cocktails and classic films! In this series, the Cinema hosts a cocktail hour with themed drinks and light hors d’oeuvres, followed by a classic film. We encourage our patrons to theme their outfit to go along with the film!

Film Festivals

If you’re looking for a place to screen films or hold a film festival, look no further than Gainesville’s only art house cinema! The Hippodrome Cinema has the space and equipment to host a film festival for your group. In the past, the Gainesville Latino Film Festival, the Jewish Film Festival, and Cinevie have all been held at the Hipp Cinema. If your group would like to screen films in the Cinema, contact Alisha Kinman at 352.373.5968 x217  or  Alisha@thehipp.org.

Time Warp 80s/90s Night

We’re blasting you to the past with our Time Warp films! In this series, the Hipp Cinema shows your favorite films from the 80s and 90s. We encourage you to theme your outfit to go along with the film. So grab a bag of popcorn and repeat your favorite lines at the Hipp Cinema’s Time Warp Night!

Cinema Lounge

Join us in the Hippodrome Cinema for our Cinema Lounge series! In this program, we have a one-night-only showing of unique films.

NEW PROGRAMMING: New York Film Critics Series®

Savor a chilled glass of wine and join Gainesville’s only art-house cinema for the New York Film Critics Series®. Whether you are a film connoisseur or simply enjoy watching movies at your leisure, the New York Film Critics Series offers exclusive screenings of curated pre-release art-house films before they hit theaters nationwide. Each movie in the series will be preceded by footage of NYC as well as a live introduction by Peter Travers, a film reviewer of Rolling Stone Magazine, ABC-TV, Newsweek & The Daily Beast. After each showing, experience a  live-HD Q&A between Travers, audiences and high profile talent from the presented films. Every film brings with it the energy and VIP nature of prestigious; live NYC screenings so that nationwide audiences may hear firsthand from stars and directors via HD broadcast.

Tickets are $15 and include a complimentary bag of popcorn with your selection of tangy butter salt and/or nutritional yeast.

NEW PROGRAMMING: Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen

The Hippodrome Cinema is thrilled to bring classical Shakespeare productions to the silver screen with their latest program, Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen. The new cinema offering will feature Shakespeare classics including Henry V, The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night,The Tempest, Macbeth and  A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Audiences will experience the Globe’s famous stage as if they were there in person with the exceptional standard for quality in high definition, all captured live recordings.

The six-part film series will run from January-June 2015.

Upcoming Special Events

Cinema Lounge: The Search for Freedom
Wednesday, June 10 at 6:30PM

Cinema Lounge: The Human Experiment 
Tuesday, June 16 at 7PM

Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Saturday, June 20 at 1PM

Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen: Antony & Cleopatra
Saturday, July 18 at 1PM