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Cinema Reward Card

The Hipp Cinema has never been so rewarding!
There are a lot things that are special about going to the movies at the Hippodrome. It smells like popcorn, you're rocking in comfy seats with your friends, you can get an adult beverage from our bar and you might just see the next best movie ever.
The HIPP CINEMA REWARD CARD takes all of the things you love about going to the movies and adds new benefits!
Here's how it works in 4 easy steps:


  1. Get your Hipp Cinema Reward card at the Box Office when you buy your next Cinema ticket.
  2. Get your card punched each time you buy a ticket to the cinema
  3. Earn a Free Small Popcorn after 4 punches.
  4. Earn a Free Movie after 8 punches.


Alisha Kinman
Cinema Director
352.373.5968 x217