4 Reasons to See “Saving Banksy” at the Hipp


Recognize that cheeky socialist rat painted on a wall with a thought-provoking message from your Tumblr feed? Of course you do, you reblogged it! The artist of that rat is Banksy, an anonymous (and by default, mysterious) street artist whose art happens to piss off a lot of people.

“Saving Banksy” is a documentary centered on an art collector’s attempt to save Banksy’s famous “Haight Street Rat” from being auctioned off. Faced with threats from city officials and outrageous offers, this art collector has to decide whether this fight to protect Banksy’s art is worth giving up for some serious cash. “Saving Banksy” is a rare, insider look at the mysterious world of street art and graffiti. Here are four reasons to watch it during its run at the Hipp — on June 12 and June 19!

1. Banksy’s secret identity is ~mystifying~


Don’t worry, we want an HBO series about Banksy’s real life, too. For now, though, we’re gonna have to deal with the fact that his or her life is an absolute mystery to us, which we’re also really into. P.S.  Banksy, if you’re reading this, we wouldn’t mind a certain rat on our beautiful building. P.P.S.: Just not on the limestone, please?

2. Its artist vs. “The Man” theme is so badass


Stick it to “The Man,” amiright? This documentary not only gives you an inside look at the street artist’s perspective but also “The Man.” Who is “The Man”, you ask? No, it’s not your parents, although it was so messed up that they didn’t let you go to that party that one time. “The Man” is essentially corporate America and the people who are only seeking financial gain from street art. “Saving Banksy” provokes you to ask yourself if you’re on the street artist’s side of this feud or if you’re lame and don’t appreciate street art for what it is.

3. There’s gonna be a live Q&A after the film with the executive producer of the film, Brian Greif


“‘Saving Banksy’ is not a movie about Banksy,” executive producer Brian Greif said. “It is a movie about the importance of the street art and graffiti movements. History will mark these as among the most important art movements.” We are beyond excited to welcome Brian to the Hipp on June 19, following our “Saving Banksy” screening. This is HUGE, y’all. Brian Greif is an art consultant and documentary film maker who has worked on a variety of projects including gallery exhibits and mural projects with some of the top names in street art and graffiti. Through his company 2:32 AM Projects, Greif has coordinated major murals by international artists: Rone, Herakut, Curiot, Above, Niels “Shoe”Meulman, Guido Van Helten, Jason Woodside, Ian Ross and more. TL;DR: Brian Greif is a really big deal, and you have the chance to meet him and ask him questions at the Hipp!

4. Poses the question: What would you do if someone offered you a small fortune for a painting the artist didn’t want sold?


Uh, sell it? KIDDING. Artistic integrity is a real thing, folks! It is so awesome to watch the artists  in this film who are so passionate about their craft that they don’t even care about getting money from their work. Bring your friends to watch “Saving Banksy” at the Hipp to see who ranks number one on the biggest-sell-out list. You get to judge your friends’ choices AND it’s fun! Get your tickets by visiting or calling (352)375-4477.


5 Reasons to Watch “Graduation” at the Hipp


Ever complain about your nagging dad and the torture that is finals week? Not after this movie. “Graduation” is a story about Romeo Aldea, a physician living in a small mountain town in Transylvania, where he has raised his daughter Eliza. Romeo has been telling Eliza that she will study abroad once she graduates, and it just so happens that Eliza has won a scholarship to study psychology in the UK. Sounds splendid, right? Wrong. Eliza has to pass her finals before her big move, and on the day before her first exam, she’s assaulted and left injured not knowing whether she can achieve her father’s dream. Romeo finds himself in some sticky situations that will really make you question how far you’d go for something you want. Here are five reasons to watch it during its run at the Hipp — from June 9 to June 11!

1. It’s v compelling

“Graduation” will have you on the edge of your seat, and like other Romanian films, “Graduation” seems to reflect a never-ending concern with the nation’s fate and people. ”Graduation” is an inside look at the complex moral compromises some people make when times get desperate and tough choices need to be made. This drama will bring you into the lead actors’ lives, and we know you’ll feel invested in the characters. WILL HE DO DO THE THING? WILL HE NOT? HOW DOES SHE FEEL? WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH?

2. You get to tell your friends you saw AND ENJOYED a foreign film

Pass up the opportunity to tell your friends that you’re more cultured and globally aware than they are? NOPE. If you’re going to brag to your pals about watching a foreign film, make it one worth watching. Watching “Graduation” at the Hipp allows you to expand your horizons AND enjoy yourself. *Cue “Best of Both Worlds” by Hannah Montana.*

3. It is all about a ~father’s love~

Bring your dad to the Hipp, and after watching “Graduation,” ask him if he would be as passionate as Romeo is about protecting his daughter’s future. Your old man would love an opportunity to hang out with you while simultaneously being interrogated about just how much he loves you. Bonus: Dads love to brag about watching a critically acclaimed film.

4. Its an 127-minute morality course


This film’s plot alone will make you question how far you’d go to ensure something that you’ve always dreamed of becomes a reality. The characters in “Graduation” are all very believable, making it so much easier to put yourself in their shoes. The film’s director, Cristian Mungiu, shows us characters that reflect everyday people’s looming questions and wouldn’t be a film your morality professor would be opposed to playing in class. Needless to say, “Graduation” offers some awesome material for a game of “What would you do?”

5. Cristian Mungiu won ‘Best Director’ at Cannes for this picture

It’s tough not to be impressed with a filmmaker who so precisely analyzes the moral choices of Romeo and the society that he and his family live in. What is so interesting about Mungiu is that he himself is Romanian, and his willingness to interrogate his homeland is absolutely fearless. We hope he doesn’t stop making thought-provoking films and maybe — just maybe — could inspire America to be a little more introspective. Get your tickets by visiting or calling (352)375-4477.


The Hipp welcomes a new collection into its art gallery

Art for a Purpose is a one-of-a-kind gallery and a one-of-a-kind nonprofit — all rolled into one.  

Unlike traditional, commercial galleries, Art for a Purpose is a nonprofit. And unlike other non- profits, it exists to assist other charitable organizations, rather than serving one specific constituency or group.   

The process is simple:  The gallery accepts art directly from donors, sells the pieces and distributes the proceeds to charities for their unrestricted use.  Donors receive acknowledgments of their donations at the time of their gifts (useful for individual tax purposes), and they may recommend charities to benefit from the sales of their donated works.  Any person may be a dono,r and any IRS-approved nonprofit may be a recipient of distributions.  

Advantages for charities:  Distributions of net proceeds of sales are made directly to other nonprofits.  No oversight is made for the charities’ use of the funds, i.e., the distributions are unrestricted and used by them for their own operations.  Charities benefit in a number of ways:   

  • They receive cash for donated art that they otherwise would not receive.
  • They realize great cost savings because they do not have to spend time and other resources on marketing and locating purchasers for donated art, nor for space and other requirements needed to protect and preserve art prior to its sale.  
  • They increase their potential for cash from sales by referring their members and constituents to the gallery to donate art and to purchase art that has been designated for that charity’s benefit.  

Advantages for donors:  

  • Donors receive tax benefits to whatever extent they may be entitled by IRS rules.   
  • They receive the satisfaction of knowing sales of their donated works will benefit others.
  • They may recommend specific charities to be recipients of the sales of their art.*

Advantages for purchasers:  

  • Purchasers of art from the gallery receive the usual satisfaction that comes from acquiring a special piece of art for enjoyment in their homes or businesses.  
  • They also have the unusual fulfillment of knowing that money spent for their acquisitions will benefit charitable organizations.  And,
  • In special situations, buyers may recommend nonprofits to share the benefits arising from their purchases.

As the gallery grows, an education mission will be added to bring to the community the knowledge and inspiration of innovative practicing artists.  Through a series of intimate conversations, over a multiple-day period, artists will answer thought-provoking questions about their methods, media, and the motivations driving their choices as artists.


*All assets of the gallery, including gifts of art, are the sole responsibility and property of the gallery, which has sole and final authority regarding the investment, use, or disposition of the gallery’s assets.  All gifts of art to the gallery are irrevocable.


5 Reasons to Watch “Colossal” at the Hipp


Imagine being dumped by your boyfriend, failing at your career, having a slight drinking problem and moving back home. Your life is in ruins. Things couldn’t get worse, right? Wrong! On top of all of that, there is a possibility that a monster terrorizing Seoul (yes, as in Seoul, South Korea, located on the opposite side of the world) has a weird connection with you. Well, that happens to be Gloria’s dilemma. In the high-concept drama “Colossal,” Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, a woman with a drinking/monster problem that she can only fix if she looks ~within~. Here are five reasons to watch it during its run at the Hipp — from June 2 to June 15!

1. Anne Hathaway plays the anti-princess

I know, I KNOW. Anne Hathaway will eternally be Mia Thermopolis Renaldi, PRINCESS of Genovia in our hearts, but TBH her character, Gloria, is pretty dang entertaining. Gloria has some obvious things she needs to deal with, like alcoholism, failure to commit and just generally being a crummy person (Get it together, Gloria. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD), but her journey through the film proves that she’s not ignorant of her train-wreck ways and does, in fact, want to change. Gloria’s character development is reason enough to watch “Colossal.”

2. Inner demons are, like, literal

Imagine how screwed we’d all be if each of our inner demons were terrorizing cities around the globe. Yeah, I don’t want to imagine that either. It’s no secret that the main idea of this movie is that Gloria’s inner demons and self-destructive ways manifest themselves into an actual, literal monster and force her to come to terms with how she lives her life. Is Gloria’s city-destroying monster her alcoholism? Or is it deeper rooted issues looking for an outlet to express itself? Or is it a reflection of sublimated traumas that only come out at her worst, darkest moments? We’ll let you come and watch to decide what the big scary monster that is Gloria’s flaws actually represents.

3. Jason Sudeikis gives a ~colossal~ performance

Jason Sudeikis is a funny guy. We know him, we love with him, and we are completely impressed with his dramatic performance in this film. Sudeikis plays Oscar, a character who is flawed and is extremely realistic. He does a phenomenal job in playing a guy who you feel like you’ve known since high school, which Gloria does, and proves that his talent can be believably funny AND serious. A lesser flick would just make Oscar a bland, transparent character that’s essentially nothing more than the “nice guy” archetype, but Jason Sudeikis allows him to be a fully normal, everyday guy with a good and bad side. #SUDEIKIS4PREZ

4. It gives traditional sci-fi movies a run for their money

It’s funny to think that the plot of this movie hasn’t been worked on yet considering that it is so thought-provoking and in its own a way, a parody of movies like Godzilla and Frankenstein.The manifestation of one person’s fears and insecurities, rather than that of global anxieties is kind of wickedly funny. Why should this city in South Korea suffer a giant, horrifying thing that was created out of one privileged American’s hangups? The answer is found in the movie itself, but this horror-ish film has a deeper meaning than most of its genre and still manages to be devilishly funny in the meantime.

5. We haven’t seen a movie like this in years

Think hard: When was the last time we had two huge stars like Hathaway and Sudeikis play charismatic oddballs in a movie that’s not about their friendship turning into a cheesy, you-were-here-all-along love story? It’s been awhile, folks. In this film, the protagonist is dealing with her own, much bigger problems bigger than that of falling for the closest guy in proximity. The nature of the film itself is so uniquely different and truly unlike what we’re so used to seeing at the movie theatres nowadays. This movie is colossal (hahahahahaha); you have to see if for yourself. Get your tickets by visiting or calling (352)375-4477.


6 reasons to see “Forever Plaid” at the Hipp


“Good evening. We’re Forever Plaid. And we’re dead.” The sweet and quirky lads of the 1950s boy band, Forever Plaid, get one more chance to perform their swingin’ showtunes on earth — right here at the Hippodrome Theatre in downtown Gainesville! This fun, family-friendly comedy is full of cheeky humor and flawless choreography. Preview shows open May 31, and the show officially opens June 2. Here’s why you should see it:

1)      The Plaids, obviously!

Ladies, we all know there’s nothing better than a guy that sings. These handsome fellas will have you swooning in your seat. Sparky, Jinx, Frankie and Smudge are incredibly charming, and they can definitely carry a tune! (Photo by Michael A Eaddy)

2)      Boy bands are SOOO in right now

Whether you’re Team NSYNC or Team Backstreet, you know boy bands are the best thing that happened to the music world. The Plaids are the original boy-band quartet (One Direction, who?) you didn’t know you needed. They’ve got perfect harmonies and killer dance moves! If you want to stay hip (or Hipp, hahahahaha) and on trend, don’t miss out on fangirling over these good-lookin’ guys.

3)      Spinning plates, an accordionist, jugglers, a Viking lady and a talking mouse

That’s all in one scene. Need I say more? (Photo by Michael A Eaddy.)

4)      The throwbacks

Do you remember singing “Catch a Falling Star” while watching “The Princess Diaries” all those years ago? Of course you do! Because it was a 2000s hit song!!!! That’s only one of the many epic throwbacks in this bee-boppin’ musical. You’ll be riding the waves of nostalgia long after the show is over.

5)      It’ll bring out your inner nerd

These leading men are insanely quirky! Whether they’re plagued by nosebleeds, asthma or a lisp, they overcome their personal challenges to put together beautiful harmonies and rhythms. And they aren’t apologetic about it. They normalize what is stereotypically seen as weird and make it goofy and fun. You’ll be proud to let your freak flag fly after seeing this show. (Photo by Michael A Eaddy.)

6)      Everyone loves a second chance

At the beginning of the show, you learn the Plaids have died in a tragic accident, but they don’t let that stop them. They literally have the voices of angels! Their musical spirits live on as they get their final shot at the concert they never gave. Will they pull it off? Only way of finding out is by seeing this amazing summer musical. Call (352)375-4477 or visit for tickets.



Karaoke comes back to the Hipp

Gainesville residents will be belting out their favorite tunes in the Hippodrome Theatre on May 12 from 7 p.m.  to 11 p.m.
After a brief hiatus, the Hipp is bringing karaoke back to their basement. The event is free and open to the public, and the basement bar will be open for patrons who need a little liquid courage before their performances.
The Hippodrome’s decision to bring karaoke back is based on the theatre’s commitment to providing community events that bring people together, said public programs director Jessica Sandino. Events like this one bring new people to the theatre, allowing them to discover the magic of this downtown destination.
“We love hosting these kinds of events, and they’re always well received,” Sandino said. “We want to show our patrons that we’re not just a theatre with live performances or a cinema with films — we’re the place you want to be downtown, at all times.”

Hippodrome celebrates autism in the arts

The community is invited to come experience the world through the eyes of someone with autism Monday at the Hippodrome Theatre.

The Hippodrome Theatre is partnering with the UF Center for Autism and Related Disabilities and West Port High School in Ocala for “Envision the Invisible: Celebrating Autism in the Arts.” The event allows attendees to discover the beauty and importance of the arts through the lens of those with autism. It is free and open to the public.
From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., guests are invited to browse the Hippodrome’s art gallery and attend a live performance in the cinema, where actors with autism will share their experiences through the short play, “The Invisible.” Afterward, attendees can join the evening’s featured artists for a reception in the basement.
UF CARD assistant director Danielle Liso said the event celebrates neurodiversity in the arts community. 
“We are so proud to honor the amazing talents of individuals with autism,” she said, “and we are thrilled to have the support of the Hippodrome to share these talents with the public.” 
Jess Sandino, the Hipp’s public programs director, said the theatre is honored to partner with UF CARD and West Port High School. 
“This event brings the Hippodrome’s mission of inclusion and diversity to life,” she said. “Art brings people together and helps them understand differences. The partnership with UF CARD and West Port High School allows us to connect with our community in a new way, and we are so excited to share truly outstanding artwork.”

6 p.m. to 7 p.m.: first run of performances in the cinema
7 p.m. to 8 p.m.: second run of performances in the cinema
8 p.m. to 9 p.m.: speakers’ panel in the cinema
9 p.m. to 10 p.m.: reception in the basement

*Art gallery will be open during both performances, and the Hipp encourages guests to spend part of their time perusing visual art, and the other part watching the live performances.

Ulisses Rocha Concert


Mother Line Story Project makes Gainesville debut at the Hipp






Taking “I got it from my Momma” to a whole new level, the Hippodrome is proud to present the first performance of The Mother Line Story Project outside of New York City on May 1.

One of the project’s producers, Lauren Nordvig, will be spearheading the event while she stars as Ophelia in the Hipp’s mainstage production of Hamlet, which starts April 12. The UF alumna said the idea started as a way to create much-needed space for women to connect with each other and themselves.

The project begins with workshops. Women of all ages and backgrounds meet three times over the course of the project to share stories about their mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and beyond. Three prompts, (this time Ritual, Recipe and Reunion) initiate the conversation, and from there, the stories begin.

Nordvig describes the two minute stories as “Moth Radio hour meets” The idea came from a Pagan tradition and Nordvig’s best friend, Eliza Martin Simpson, almost two years ago. Met with excitement from every audience, the project continues to grow with each performance.

The performances are powerful, and Nordvig says it best: “When the women perform, it’s like this magic moment. They finish the two minutes, and the audience is begging to know what the end of the story is. The performers get to say, ‘I’m it. I’m the end of the story.'”

The women participating in the first ever Gainesville performance are currently in their second round of workshops gearing up for May 1. The collection of around a dozen local women range in age from 11 to 60 years old. From professional actors to community members, Nordvig said the diversity of the group is one of the beautiful parts of the process.

“We encourage anyone who identifies as a woman to participate,” Nordvig said. “In this day and age, people have a hard time connecting to one another. Mother Line breaks barriers and brings humanness into the room.”

The event on May 1 will take place in the Hipp’s basement and will have a stand-up, karaoke-night feel. The women who perform will present their stories in varying forms: poems, songs, letters, etc.

Nordvig said she is excited to debut the project at the Hippodrome and in Gainesville because to her, it feels like home.

“We just want everyone to take something away from it,” she said. “We always end the same way. We say, ‘Thank you so much for coming. Now go call your mom.'”


Monday, May 1 at 7 p.m.
Hippodrome Lower Level
Free and open to the public

Five Reasons You Should See “Becky’s New Car”

By Kelsey Peña

“When a woman says she needs new shoes, what she really wants is a new job. When she says she needs a new house, she wants a new husband. And when she says she wants a new car, she wants a new life.”

Meet Becky Foster, a 40-something-year-old woman who may or may not be in need of new shoes, a new house and a new car. Think your love life is bad? At least you’re not secretly dating a widowed man who thinks your (very much alive) husband is also dead. From Feb. 24 to March 19, hop in the passenger’s seat as Becky drives head on into a whirlwind affair that will change the lives of everyone around her. This play is the perfect blend of hilarious and heartfelt. Here are five reasons why you need to see “Becky’s New Car”:

It’s hella quotable.

Get out your apron and notepad because after seeing this show you’re going to be serving your friends some serious #quotes. Take this one for example:

“Life is chaos and holidays. Who can say why things turn out the way they do. All I know is that my life has become a handful of people I met by chance and the things we did together.”

Damn. Pull that one out at a dinner party and you’ll be the smartest (sounding) kid on the block.

See UF School of Theatre and Dance’s very own Chelsi Stancil.

You know how you always see those interviews on, like, Ellen or Oprah where they interview that guy who did soccer with Ryan Seacrest in the fall of fourth grade. Well, if you come see “Becky,” that could be you! I mean, we all know Chelsi is going to be accepting an Emmy, or an Oscar, or a Tony one day, so you could be the lucky guy or gal to say you saw her before she got Viola Davis famous.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you want a plot twist as epic as the 2017 Oscars best picture switch up, look no further than “Becky’s New Car.”  No spoilers, but I’m talking next level M. Night Shyamalan. Trust me, you’re about to be more shocked than the cast of “La La Land.” Sorry, too soon.

It’s Interactive!

Get out your oversized Gucci sunglasses and finest Hermès scarf (or, you know, the $2 shades they hand out at the Reitz and that weird bandanna you picked up in Turlington) because after you see this show you’ll probably have to hide from all of your adoring fans. OK, maybe not, but you might just get the chance to take part in the performance. With numerous fourth-wall breaks, you could be the lucky audience member to give Becky life advice or get her ready for a date.

It’s laugh-out-loud funny.

You’ve all heard of “dad jokes.” Now get ready for “mom jokes.” When her 26-year-old, lives-at-home son doesn’t do the one thing she asked of him – load the dishwasher – after he spent the night drinking, she quips, “There you have it … my son was loaded and the dishwasher was not.”

Ahhh, classic Mom.  (But seriously, the cast rolls out punch lines throughout the entire course of the play, and it’s a real treat.)

So there you go! The perfect dramedy for date night, girls’ night or whatever the occasion, you won’t want to miss “Becky’s New Car” today!